Why is My Floor Streaking when I Mop It & How Do You Clean Tile Without Streaks in Tuscany Village, NV?

Only for it to have streaks afterward, there is nothing more annoying than spending hours mopping a tiled floor. The residual dirt and dust are the primary reason there are streaks after mopping. An incorrect mopping technique also ruins the appearance of your floor as well. It may surprise people to know that tile cleaning is trickier than some other cleaning tasks. You must keep mopping them correctly to avoid streaks and scratches. Today, we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to offer some tips to help you avoid leaving the streaks on the tile.

How Do You Clean Tile Without Streaks?

Below is a lost of steps and techniques to achieve the streak-free tile floor you expect after spending time to get sparkling tile and grout floors.
Step One. Thoroughly remove the surface debris, making sure to get the corners and sides by sweeping it with a quality broom or vacuuming it with a hard surface vacuum, or a standard vacuum with the beater bar deactivated to avoid damage. With more focus around the edges, remove any traces of dirt and dust.
Step Two. Select a suitable cleaning agent, depending on the type of flooring material you have. Be sure to use a mild cleaning agent for linoleum and rubber tiles. For specific tile tips, whether they are manmade or stone tiles, use the appropriately named tile cleaner that corresponds with the type of tile you have. When in doubt, stick with warm water. After you have selected the cleaning agent and prepared it, dip your mop and squeeze it out till all the excess liquid is removed. You can also mop on top of the solution you sprayed directly to the tiled surface if you prefer.
Step Three. As soon as it starts to look dirty, replace the cleaning solution. It will cause streaks after mopping if you continue using the dirty solution. To help minimize the replacements, rinse the mop before dipping in the solution.
Step Four. Mop the floor once again but use clean water this time after you done with the washing. This leaves your floor sparkly clean as it will remove any cleaning agent residue. You can skip this step if you have wooden floors.
Step Five. Dry it with a towel after mopping the floor with clear water. Since it can leave marks, do not wait for the floor to dry on its own. Consider mopping in sections if you are working in a large space. Dry it completely with a towel before moving to the next portion after mopping each section.
Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning. Despite diligent efforts on your part, the tile and grout need to be deep cleaned at least once a year. Professionals have the powerful equipment and premium products to get the deepest clean possible.

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