How Do You Maintain & Protect Natural Stone from Stains & Other Damage in Whitney Ranch, NV?

If you are lucky enough to have natural stone surfaces in your home, it is vital that you care for and maintain it well. Natural stone surfaces are extremely durable, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t become damaged. Whether you have natural stone floors, countertops or as decorative accents in your house, you need to know what to do and what to avoid doing to enjoy them to the fullest. Silver State Floor Restoration is here to walk you through what to do and what not to do to ensure your natural stone is properly cared for.

How Can We Protect Natural Stone?

Following are some of the things you need to make sure you’re doing to care for your natural stone:
– Clean Regularly: When it comes to cleaning your natural stone, make sure you’re using a pH balanced cleaner to avoid damaging the stone. Harsh chemicals can leave your natural stone damaged and permanently etched.
– Seal It: If you are worried about staining, sealing your natural stone’s surface is going to be essential. If you are wondering whether or not it is time to have your natural stone sealed, you can pour a small amount of water on the stone’s surface. If the stone absorbs the water, it is time to seal it. If the water beads up on top of the stone, you know the stone is protected still.
– Use Coasters & Trivets: It is always wise to use coasters under your glasses to prevent any staining form the beverages that you drink. Also, when you set hot items on your counter, use a trivet to avoid damage to your counters.
– Sweep Often: The fine dust and dirt that is often found on your natural stone flooring can leave scratches and damage your floor. Sweeping often can help prevent this.
– Use Soft Cleaning Tools: When cleaning your floors and counters, make sure you’re using soft tools like microfiber mops, washcloths, soft brushes to avoid causing damage.

What You Should Avoid When Maintaining Natural Stone

There is always opposition in everything, even cleaning your natural stone. Here are some of the things you should absolutely avoid in your natural stone care:
– Acidic Substances: Anything acidic is going to do damage to your natural stone. You should definitely any acidic cleaners like vinegar.
– No Abrasive Cleaners: Any cleaners that have abrasive powders shouldn’t be used to clean your floors either. Avoid scouring pads as well.
– Don’t Drag Objects: If you are moving heavy furniture in your home with natural stone flooring, you should never drag it as it can cause scratches and damage.

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If you have natural stone flooring in your house, it is important to call on the experts at Silver State Floor Restoration to handle your professional cleaning and sealing to keep them properly maintained. Call us today!

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