How Do You Maintain Soapstone in Seven Hills, NV? Routine Cleaning, Oiling, Sanding & More

Being a natural product quarried from the ground in blocks, soapstone is like marble and granite. Composed mainly of talc, magnesium, silicate and chlorate, it is a metamorphic rock. Because unlike marble and granite, soapstone is non-porous, it is completely stain resistant. Since soapstone is an inert material, there really aren’t any household products that will harm it, luckily, as it makes it impervious to heat, chemicals and acids. Though durable like granite and marble, it is more forgiving under stress. Soapstone has a tendency to dent rather than chip or crack, however. Many homeowners and business owners alike are using soapstone tile to cover the floors due to their lasting durability. A desirable trait, which soapstone is famous for, is that cleaning and maintaining are simple and quick due to their non-porous quality. Some maintenance tips and care for your soapstone tile is something we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to share today.

Routine Soapstone Cleaning

You will need a bucket of warm soapy water, a sponge, mop, or rag, and a dry towel for daily cleaning.
1) Ensuring the sides and corners are particle free is necessary as you completely sweep the surface.
2) Until the suds form, work warm water in a bucket and mix well.
3) To transfer the soapy water on the surface and wash the floor thoroughly, use your sponge.
4) In order to rinse the soapy residues from the tile’s surface, use a water-damp cloth.
5) Allow the soapstone to completely air dry before resuming foot traffic after you use a dry towel to dry the residual moisture.
Cautionary Note: If you prefer as soapstone is impervious to chemicals, an all-purpose cleaner can also be used.

Does Soapstone Require Maintenance?

With mineral oil, you will need to periodically maintain the stone. Ensure to have quality-mineral oil, a soft cloth, and a soft towel. You want to make sure it is completely swept and mopped, before you oil the surface.
1) Onto the surface, dab mineral oil on the cloth and begin rubbing it. Make certain to use the towel to remove the excess to avoid slick surfaces, since the oil will not seep into the stone.
2) Make certain to treat the surface with mineral oil every 2 weeks to help the stone oxidize, as it darkens, evenly within the first year of installation. The mineral oil treatment should be done every 2 months in following years.

How Do You Get Scratches Out of Soapstone?

As they are easily remedied with fine sandpaper, sponge, warm water, miner oil, and a soft cloth, the minor scratches that develop are easily remedied.
1) Keep fine sandpaper on hand since it is prone to scratches. With the fine sandpaper, use smooth, circular motions to smooth the surface.
2) Using the same circular motions, sand the scratched area again after dampening the sandpaper.
3) To manage the dust as you work, use the warm water and sponge.
4) In order to restore the luster and the natural dark color, dab mineral oil on the soft cloth and work it into the recently sanded scratched areas. Since the sanding will remove the mineral oil and make the color lighter, you may need to apply the mineral oil several times to even out the color of the scratched and sanded area.

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