How Do You Maintain Stone Countertops in Mountain’s Edge, NV? Remove Stains, Scratches & More

Many people turn to stone countertops for their homes because of the durability and low maintenance they require. Not to mention, stone countertops add natural beauty to your home. While stone countertops can be one of the lowest maintenance options, it doesn’t mean that they require no maintenance. There are still some things that you will want to do to keep them as beautiful as the day they were installed. Silver State Floor Restoration is here to talk about countertop cleaning and sealing and why it is so important.

Tips to Keep Your Stone Countertops Like New

While your stone countertops might seem like they are indestructible, you need to remember that there are still ways that they can become damaged. Here are some common problems that homeowners face with their countertops and what can be done to avoid them:
– Staining: You might not realize this, but there are some stone countertops like marble that are susceptible to staining. If the stone is a porous one, it can stain quite easily. It’s always best to clean up spills as soon as they happen to avoid this. However, the best way to make sure that your stone countertops aren’t susceptible to staining is to have them sealed by a professional. This provides a barrier between the stone and the liquids and foods that it will come in contact with.
– Scratches: You don’t want your countertops to become filled with scratches either. This is another problem that can be solved with professional sealing. Beyond sealing your counters, you can also be careful to avoid putting items on the counters that will cause scratches. This could include keys, sharp metal objects and other items that have a tendency to scratch surfaces.
– Cracks: While stone countertops can withstand a lot of heat and pressure, you should avoid putting extremely hot things on them like pots. Using trivets or hot pads instead can help provide protection for your countertops. You should also avoid putting heavy kitchen items and equipment on your stone counters.
– Etching: If you use acidic cleaners on your stone countertops, it can cause etching. Also, using abrasive items to clean your and scrub your stone countertops can leave you with etching that is permanent. If you are working with acidic fruits and vegetables like lemons or tomatoes, it’s always a good idea to use a cutting board to avoid the acidic juices making contact with the countertop surface. When your countertops are etched, it can cause them to look cloudy.

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If you have stone countertops, it is vital that you have them sealed to preserve their beauty. Sealing your countertops can provide protection from damaged and staining. Silver State Floor Restoration provides countertop cleaning, sealing and polishing services to all of our customers. It is our goal to keep your countertops from getting damaged. Call us today!

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