How Do You Make Grout Last Longer in Eldorado, NV? Clean Up Spills ASAP, Professional Sealing of Tile Floors & More

We all live busy lives running from one thing to the next. Our time is busy with life. When was the last time you noticed the condition of your grout on your floors under your feet? Was it when you spilled something on the floor, and you wiped it up. What did you notice if you did? Often, we pay more attention with things like the interior design that decorate our home. Most time the grout gets overlooked until it gets too dirty to avoid any longer. Not noticing how our home looks unkept because of the grout. The more we neglect the dirty grout the harder it is to clean. At Silver State Floor Restoration you can trust our experts to get the grout clean again. Following are a few things you can do at home to make your grout last for many years.

Clean Up Spills on Tile ASAP

Tile can withstand most food and pet stains. If you spill something onto your tile floor you can easily wipe it up with a towel. However just because tile is easier to clean up spills than carpet you still need to act fast if you spill something on the tile. The longer the mess stays on the tile, especially deep colors like red wine the greater your risk of staining the grout.

Protect Tile Floors from Unnecessary Moisture

This doesn’t mean you don’t clean your tile with water this means your tiles need to be cleaned regularly. This can be challenging to clean your tiles without a little bit of water, you don’t want to overdo with the water. You want to make sure to avoid putting excess water or liquid on the tile as it can harm the tile. To much water makes it harder to clean the tile and can expose your tile and grout to mold. Water can find it’s way beneath the tile, leading to decay and eventually damaging your tiles.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals on Grout

While attempting to clean your grout with strong cleansers this is not a good idea. Excess strong solvents can damage the grout, causing pitting and other issues. You should avoid cleaning products with dyes as they can stain the grout. Avoid using abrasive cleaning tools like steel wool as it can scratch the surface of your tile. You will want to use soft cloths and mops to clean your tile and grout.

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If the task of keeping your tile and grout clean is a daunting task you cannot keep up with or you have done all you can do to clean your tile and grout and it still looks dirty or damaged, you can hire the professionals at Silver State Floor Restoration. We take pride in restoring the appearance of your tile and grout to looking it’s very best. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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