What is Grout Failure & What Causes Grout to Deteriorate in Enterprise, NV? Unsealed Grout Damage & More

If you have tile then you know that there is grout that goes around the tile. What you might not know is the consequences of neglecting that grout. The grout may not seem like something that is that important for your tile or that fragile. Silver State Floor Restoration knows a lot about tile and wants to talk a little bit about what can happen to grout when you don’t take proper care of it.

Why is a Crack in Grout Bad?

When there is tile in the home then there is grout. That is just how it works. The grout is designed to help protect the edges of your tile from breaking and chipping away. Your grout should not be loose or cracked in any way. It should be nice and tight around the tile. If you have grout that is loose and cracked it can cause a lot of problems to your grout and tile that you may not even be aware of. When cracks happen, they will not just stay in one place. It will spread quite quickly throughout the rest of your grout breaking it apart and ruining your grout.

Grout Damage

With grout in the home you have two choices, either sanded or un-sanded. Grout is very porous so it is very easy for dirt, dust, and water to get down inside it. That is why you should always make sure that you seal your grout. You need to know that you should not use certain household cleaners on your grout. Any bleach, soap-based cleaners, acid-base cleaners, or even ammonia can ruin your grout. They are not designed for grout and tile. When you use these types of cleaners on your grout and tile it can cause damage to it and increase the likelihood of ruining your tile and grout.

Unsealed Grout

Because the grout is so porous if it is not sealed then moisture can get down inside it. If you have tile in your bathrooms, especially in your shower then all that moisture can get down inside your grout. When this happens that is when you start seeing the black mold growing on the grout. This mold can start to weaken the grout which then causes more mold to grow in those weak spots. Having mold in your house can also cause health problems. You need to make sure you are cleaning properly to get the mold away.

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If you are seeing mold, cracks, and loose tile this does not mean that you have to rip out your bathroom or kitchen tile and get all new stuff. You can simply get grout restoration and a new grout sealing done. A professional can come in and completely clean your tile. They can even re-color your tile and fix the worn-out grout. Helping your tile and grout look like new again. If it is time that you re-grout and fix all your broken and cracked grout then give Silver State Floor Restoration a call today and get your tile and grout looking nice again.

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