How Do You Protect Tiles with Grout in Silverado Ranch, NV? Regular Mopping, Deep Cleaning, Sealing & More

Many people love tile and grout floors because they are durable, a cool touch of style, and they can even help keep your home cool during hot summer months. Tile and grout can look dingy and dull after some time, especially when it is not taken care of. Generally, your tile and grout can last for decades with the proper care and protection you provide. With this in mind, we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to take the opportunity to discuss the measures you should take to protect your tile and grout.

How to Keep White or Light Grout Clean on Floor Tiles?

1) Use rugs and doormats to protect tile and grout. Try placing rugs at the hallways, doorways, or in front of sinks and in other high traffic areas of your home. The tile and grout can be worn down or scratched by the dirt and other particles that are often tracked indoors. By placing the rugs and mats, it minimizes the tracked in particulates on the tile.
2) If there are pets in the home, take added measures. By keeping your pet’s nails trimmed, try to avoid scratching on tile floors. If your pet happens to have an accident, clean it up fast and always vacuum up hair and dander at least weekly. It is critical to act quickly, since pet urine contains acid that can eat away at your tile surfaces.
3) Be careful moving furniture on tile floors. You can help avoid scratching by placing protective pads of the feet of furniture. In order to avoid cracking it, try not to put items that are extremely heavy directly on tile. When moving any heavy furniture, make sure you do not drag it across the surface, have help to lift and place.
4) Frequently sweep and mop your tile and grout. The surface of tile can be dulled by the dust and particles. Sweep or vacuum your tile at least once a week in order to avoid this. You will want to use a non-abrasive cloth or mop when mopping. You can try a mixture of ¼ cup white vinegar in 2 gallons of hot water for a homemade cleaning solution. Try and avoid any abrasive or oil based cleaners as well as ammonia or bleach if you choose to use a store-bought cleanser.
5) Regularly deep clean and reseal your tile and grout. Since grout is porous, it collects moisture, dirt, and debris. Even with routine cleaning and you need to deep clean the tile and grout annually. Also, the seal on your tile and grout will gradually wear away over time. In order to prevent stains, dirt, and liquid from seeping into your tile and grout, it is important to restore it.

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