How Natural Stone is Cleaned in Inspirada, NV from Pre Inspection & Site Prep to Sealing

When you have natural stone in your home or in a commercial setting, it is important to maintain and take care of the stone to prevent premature wear of the stone. Some natural stones are more sensitive than others. However, all require their own level of care. As the process of cleaning and caring for natural stone care varies slightly by stone type, in general it is the same process. To understand the level of care natural stone needs, Silver State Floor Restoration will lay out the process of cleaning and caring for natural stone and why it is essential.

Process for Cleaning Natural Stone

Step 1. Pre-Inspection – When natural stone needs to be cleaned or restored, the first step is for the stone to be inspected. There are many situations where the stone requires its own customized care, depending on the current state of the stone. The contractor will inspect and determine the needs of the stone.
Step 2. Site Preparation – Whether the stone is in a commercial or residential setting, the site will need to be prepared. In many cases, windows, nearby furniture and other features need to be covered, or if possible moved to protect them from splashing and from the cleaning and polishing equipment. It is recommended all furniture is removed off the floor being cleaned to make it more efficient to clean and restore the stone floor.
Step 3. Cleaning – Depending on the needs of the stone, cleaning can vary. However, the stone is cleaned with a proper cleaning solution for the stone type. After the stone has been thoroughly cleaned the stone is rinsed. Powerful extract equipment is used to remove all of the dirt and other contaminates that may be trapped in the stone pores.
Step 4. Diamond Grinding – When stone is in poor condition, and has a number of scratches, scuffs, and etching, the stone will need to be restored by being ground down back to a smooth surface. A diamond grinder, similar to a sander machine, uses diamond dust and water to resurface the stone floor and remove the scuff and etching that had occur.
Step 5. Honing – some stone such as marble, travertine and granite to name a few, may need to be honed before the diamond grinding step. The honing removes the surface polish which makes it easier and cleaner to grind.
Step 6. Polishing – Once the stone has been honed and diamond ground to a smoother surface, the stone is then polished, which gives the final sheen that people know natural stone to have. Polishing will remove the last of minor etching and smooth the stone to a glass like surface and essentially achieves that sheen.
Step 7. Sealing – Even though the stone has been polished, it still isn’t shiny or properly protected. The stone will require a sealer to give the stone that glossy sheen and to protect the stone from erosion. The sealer is applied often using multiple coats to ensure the stone is protected.
Step 8. Final Inspection – Once the job is complete, the contractor will do a final inspection, looking for any areas that may have been missed before they give their final word of completion. They will assess future needs and help provide a maintenance schedule to ensure the longevity of the stone.

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Stone is a durable material but it does require maintenance and care. If you have natural stone that hasn’t been cleaned or maintained and need servicing, contact Silver State Floor Restoration today.

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