How Often to Reseal Marble & Granite Natural Stone Countertops in Tuscany Village, NV

The two common major types of natural stone used for countertops are granite and marble. Each natural stone requires very different care and maintenance needs. This fact comes as a complete surprise to many people. Both materials, however, do use a sealer to help protect the stone’s beautiful surface. Silver State Floor Restoration will share how often marble and granite should be resealed, and its care.

Properties of Granite

Granite is a mixture of feldspar and quartz crystals that was formed from magma below the earth’s surface. There are a number of elements that give granite its different colors. However, the very nature of granite makes it very strong. Granite is much more durable and is resistant to erosion, scratches and impact damages more than other natural stones. As it is naturally very strong, it still can stain and eventually wear down after enough abuses. Granite should be resealed every five years or longer, depending on its care. However, each case will vary.

Marble Facts

Marble is a very beautiful natural stone that comes in a variety of colors. Most commonly it is white with black veins. Marble is a metamorphic rock which means they are rocks that are altered by heat. Marble is primarily limestone. For those who don’t know what limestone is, it’s a very soft rock. As beautiful as marble is, it is one of the weakest natural stones used inside homes and for countertops. Marble stone requires a need to be cleaned after each interaction, and it needs to be kept clean. Additionally, they require resealing far more frequently than other natural stone. It is recommended that you reseal marble at least once a year, if not twice a year depending on the quality of the sealer.

Granite & Marble Sealer Test

It can be hard to know exactly when to reseal granite or marble as it varies due to the quality of sealer as well as exposure and maintenance. However, there is a simple way to test the sealer for both granite and marble. Follow these basic steps to see if you need to reseal your stone.
• Step 1. Get ¼ cup of water and then pour the water on top of the countertop in a small area.
• Step 2. Wait about five minutes then wipe the water off of the countertop.
• Step 3. Dry the area off with the cloth or paper towel.
If the result from the test shows a darker spot where the water was, this mean it is time to reseal the stone. The dark spot indicates that the water seeped into the stone, which means the sealer is not doing its job. When resealing the countertops, it is always recommended that you seek professional help. Not only can a professional service help polish and reseal the stone, they can make sure there isn’t any other needs for the stone. A professional will also know which sealer is best as sealers vary from granite to marble.

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