Natural Stone Floor, Countertop & Shower Wall Care & Maintenance in Las Vegas, NV

Materials used in homes or offices for various surface areas are numerous. Tile and grout options alone can fill volumes of books. When you choose an option as an investment to beautify and protect your home or business, you need to assure proper care and maintenance is performed. Protecting stone tile can have a lot of specifics depending on the stone, however, today we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to share the basic dos and don’ts of natural stone surfaces for proper care in between your regularly scheduled professional services.

How to Clean & Care for Natural Stone Surfaces

Quick tips at a glance: Where there is quite a bit of information concerning natural tile, below is a quick guide to protect your natural stone tile.
1) Be sure that all daily dust, dirt, and sand that accumulates is removed from your stone’s surface.
2) Any spills need to be immediately cleaned up.
3) For stone countertops, be sure to use coasters under any beverage, especially if they contain alcohol or citrus. The stone surfaces can be dulled out and tarnished with many common food and drinks contain acid. The most susceptible is marble, onyx, and travertine, among other.
4) Where the daily debris should be cleaned up, it is recommended that the stone tile is washed 0down on a weekly basis.
5) Keep a dish pad or mat between the surface and hot items to avoid placing any hot plates or cookware directly on the stone.
6) Harsh cleaners should never be used to natural stone tile including products or homemade solutions that contain vinegar, lemon juices, or citrus or acid based as well as common bathroom, grout or tub and tile cleaners, unless specified it is for that particular stone. Abrasive cleaners such as soft or dry cleansers should also be avoided. Never mix cleaners together, especially bleach and ammonia, as it’s a very toxic combination.

Care Tips for Granite & Other Stone Countertops

As mentioned in the quick tips, these surfaces are often used to place beverages and hot cookware, be sure to always use coasters and hot pads to protect the surface and wipe the surface down when these things are removed. Immediately cleanup spills especially, any acidic-based products. Only use the appropriate cleaners to avoid potential damage when you need to sanitize and clean the surface.

How to Clean Natural Stone Shower Walls

Utilize a squeegee after every use in the shower to hinder the soap scum buildup. Using the approved detergent designed for your, wash the shower walls surface. Periodically inspect the grout lines and caulk, if there is any signs of damage or deterioration, be sure to repair it. Never use any cleaners not specifically designed for the type of natural stone in your shower.

Stone Floor Cleaner Tips

To offer protection for your stone floors, place area rugs and runners in high-traffic places. You can prevent the stone from being scratched and scuffed from the dirt sand, and debris by containing it in on the rug. Slow the deterioration caused by the particulates by frequently dust mopping, sweeps and vacuums. More often than soap, clean off the surface with just pure water. When you need more kick, be sure the cleaner is safe for your specific stone tile type. Immediately address spills.

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To ensure your natural stone tile in your Vegas home or business is efficiently deep cleaned and treated correctly, call Silver State Floor Restoration and let our professionals take care of the your stone tile.

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