How to Avoid Damage to Marble Floor Tiles in Peccole Ranch, NV; Remove Dirt, Water Stains & More

There are lots of types of stone floors that people can choose from. The great thing about stone floors is that there are lots of color and pattern options that exist. You can choose a nice smooth light colored travertine or even a dark matte slate for your home. The natural stone that you choose is something that you want to have last and look its best. That is why it is important to know what it takes to care for them and to keep them from becoming damaged. One of the common stones that is used when tiling a home, bathroom and shower happens to be marble. It is also a stone that is used on counters as well. Cleaning any type of stone can take some work and understanding what can damage it will help you in the long run. Silver State Floor Restoration outlines what might damage your marble stone floors.

Remove Water & Other Stains from Marble

One of the things you will come across when you have stone floors or really any type of floor are spills. This can be from juice or other liquids and can even be from foods that have been dropped on the floor. One way that you can end up causing damage to your stone floors is when you choose to let spills sit on the stone. The spills that might be on the tile needs to be cleaned up righty away. When you let the liquid stay it can soak in the tile and that will cause a hard to treat stain. Depending on the liquid that has been spilled it can also start to eat away at the tile as well.

What Cleaning Products are Safe to Use on Marble

One of the main problems that people have with their stone floors is that they use the wrong cleaning solutions. It can seem too easy to grab the cleaner that you use on other surfaces in your house and spray it on your stone floors. The problem is that the stone can become damaged if the cleaner has acid in it. Sadly many of the standard cleaners that you can find at the store have acid in them and that will cause a film and even eat away at the stone floors.

Remove Dust & Dirt from Marble

It is important to always sweep the floors to remove the dirt and debris that is being brought in the house. You will find over a few days that there is dust and dirt on the floors and that can create an abrasive surface. When you walk and move on the surface with all the dirt it can create scratches on the surface of the stone. That is why it is important to make sure that you sweep up the floors and remove the dirt.

Sealing Natural Stone

When you have stone floors you need to make sure that you have your stone floors treated professionally. They can come out and clean the floors, polish them and make sure that they are sealed. This is the best way to add protection to the stone from everyday use.

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