How to Clean & Care for Grout Lines in Tile Floors in Las Vegas NV Between Professional Cleanings

Cleaning the tile and grout in your home may not be your idea of a good time, but it has to be done. One reason that most people want to have them cleaned is the obvious reason and that is for them to look clean! Another reason that you need to clean the grout is because if it is not done regularly, the grout can be damaged. If you spill something that is dark in color or very acidic it can eat away at the product that makes up the grout. This can lead to holes and cracked grout that now leaves the tile susceptible to other damage too! The grout is sealed to each piece of tile and that makes it so that water and debris cannot get under the tile. Cleaning the grout can take a lot of time and usually has you on your hands and knees with a toothbrush or other bristle brush scrubbing away. The better option is to hire a professional to clean the grout for you and leave it looking great.

Silver State Floor Restoration has the best ways to clean your own grout between professional cleanings.

How to Clean Tile Grout with Vinegar and Baking Soda: You are going to start by making a mixture that is a lot like a paste. This is done by using three parts of the baking soda and one part water to build the paste. This paste will then be spread along the grout lines and left to set for a few minutes while you build the second part. Get a water bottle and add one part water and one part vinegar to it. This you will use to spray on the grout lines and allow to fizz up. After the fuzz has stopped fizzing up you can use a brush to scrub at the area to release any more dirt. Then end it by wiping up with a clean wet cloth.

Cleaning Tile Grout with Oxygen Bleach: This process should be tested to be sure that it is not going to bleach out the color of the grout. After you have tested it you can mix two tablespoons of the oxygenated bleach to two cups of warm water and be ready to use it immediately. Pour the solution on the grout and let it sit for a few minutes. Then you can take a brush and scrub at the dirt and debris.

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