How to Clean Natural Stone Tile in Bathroom Shower Walls, Kitchen Counters, Floors & More Rhodes Ranch, NV

There are several different kinds of natural stone that is used for flooring is residential and commercial homes. Some of these stones may includes marble, granite, travertine, slate and onyx can be a beautiful addition in many different settings. When it comes to maintaining your natural stone floors, they can require a little different cleaning methods than you would use to clean ceramic tile floors. Silver State Floor Restoration is here to share some tips for cleaning your natural stone floors without causing any damage.

Natural Stone Cleaning Tips

As mentioned above, there are some different techniques that can help ensure the safety of your natural stone flooring while still getting it clean. Following are our best tips.
Natural Stone Cleaner: To get started you will want to use a damp cloth and a pH neutral cleaner. Most dish soaps will fall into this category. You want to only use cleaners that are safe for natural stone cleaning. If you are cleaning other surfaces like mirrors that are near natural stone, make sure those cleaners don’t get on the natural stone to avoid damage.
Abrasive Sponges/Cloths: The problem with using a sponge or cloth that has an abrasive surface on it is the fact that it can strip away the sealant which is extremely important for any natural stone floor.
Cleaning Stubborn Stains: If you have any stubborn debris on your flooring like food or even soap scum, you need to use a circular motion while you are cleaning to avoid leaving scratches behind.
Drying Natural Stone: This may sound funny, but you will want to dry the surface as soon as possible after you finish cleaning it. This will help you avoid a spotted appearance as it dries on its own. You can do this with a blow dryer or a soft towel.
Rugs/Mats to Protect Tile Floors: It’s a good idea to have a rug or mat near all entrances into your home to remove debris from the bottom of shoes. It’s also important that those mats and rugs are taken outside to be shaken so that these debris found on them doesn’t transfer to the flooring and cause scratching.
Don’t Drag Heavy Items Across Tile Floors: As you are cleaning your natural stone with a damp mop or rag, be careful as to not drag any items across the floor while cleaning. This goes with vacuums as well. You don’t want to be dragging anything that will leave etching and scratches in your flooring.

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If you are intimidated by the cleaning that comes with your natural stone flooring, you can leave it up to the professionals at Silver State Floor Restoration. We don’t only give your natural stone flooring the professional cleaning that it needs, but we also provide it with the sealant that offers your floors protection as well. This is important in preserving the beauty that your natural floors bring into your home. Call us today!

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