How to Clean, Polish, Restore & Care for Stained Terrazzo Floors in Sunrise Manor, NV

Terrazzo tile is a wonderful option for lots of projects around the house. Terrazzo tile has been around for centuries and will stand out any time it’s used. Venetian construction workers created terrazzo as a low-cost option to cover floors. Terrazzo was first made from scrap bits of marble that were set in clay and sealed with goat milk. In the 1920’s, making terrazzo became much easier because electric industrial grinders were introduced along with other power equipment.

How Terrazzo Floor Tiles are Made

Today terrazzo is made with chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass or other suitable material that is poured with a cementitious binder for chemical binding, polymeric for physical binding or a combination of the two. Metal strips are used to divide sections or changes in the color or the pattern. Chips can be added to the top of the mixture before it sets. Once it has cured it is ground and polished until it’s smooth or the finished surface is uniformly textured.

Pros of Terrazzo Tile Flooring

1. Durability. If terrazzo tile is taken care of properly it can last for decades or even centuries. To maintain the durability, you need to make sure it’s cleaned correctly. Terrazzo tile needs to be buffed so smoothness can be restored. After the buffing is done a special cleanser needs to be applied to enhance shine. You will also need to invest in terrazzo polishing from a reputable restoration company to have your tile looking brand new again.
2. Versatility. Terrazzo tile is waterproof and heatproof which makes them an ideal choice for many areas in your home. This means they’re great for high traffic areas like the kitchen or the bathroom but they can be used anywhere. Think kitchen backsplashes, vanities and bench tops. Terrazzo tile can even be used outside around patios or pools but will need to have the right finish because terrazzo can be slippery.
3. Sanitation. Terrazzo is non-porous and doesn’t support microbial growth so it won’t collect moisture. This makes terrazzo highly stain resistant because there isn’t any water absorption and the porosity means minimal cleaning and you won’t need harsh cleaning chemicals.
4. Lots of options. Terrazzo tile comes in almost any color and is the reason it can be used in so many projects. You can choose tiles for a monochromatic look or a contemporary look. You can go with natural tones of go bold if you want an eye-catching look. The possibilities are endless with terrazzo tile.
5. Cost effective. With the long-lasting benefits of terrazzo tile, investing in it is a great way to save money because of minimal maintenance and the occasional professional cleaning. The durability means no chipping, breaking or tiles that pop off after a few years which means no tile replacement costs.
6. Eco-friendly. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly and sustainable material then terrazzo is the tile for your project because of what it’s made of and finished terrazzo tile can even be recycled.

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If you want your terrazzo tiles to stand the test of time, you will need to have proper terrazzo restoration done. This will ensure that your floors will shine and look great for a long time! Contact Silver State Floor Restoration today to schedule an appointment.

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