Stains, Cracks, Scratches & Other Granite Floor & Countertop Damage to Avoid in Summerlin, NV

There are things you need to know about caring for your granite and other stone floors. Natural stone is a type of material that needs your attention if you have chosen it for your floors and counters. Just like any other material that is in your house and used on a regular basis you need to make sure that if you notice any damage or staining you know the best way to do that. When it comes to granite stone it has some good properties that include the strength. It is also great when you want a stone that comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Although granite is a great option for floors as well as counters it is a good idea to know what the most common damage that you may start to see. Silver State Floor Restoration explains this further.

Water & Other Stains on Granite

One of the problems people have with stone floors and counters is staining. The staining can occur when you spill a liquid on it or you place an item on it that leaves a mark. You want to make sure you have your stone treated professionally to make stain removal easier. It is important to have them cleaned, polished and sealed to make sure that the stain is not able to soak deep in the stone. The best thing you can do is to make sure that if there is a spill you use a clean cloth to wipe it up right away. Also be sure that you do not use any harsh chemicals on any stone surfaces. The staining is something that can be treated by a professional.

Heat Can Cause Granite to Crack

Another problem that you might have with your granite stone is when it is overheated. The great thing about granite is that it can stand up against heat but too much can be damaging. The problem is that over time you can continue to constantly place heated items such as hot pans directly on the counter. The heat can be too overwhelming and can start to leave a mark. It can also be so hot that it will cause the granite to crack. You can call out a professional that can restore the stone floors or counters for you. It is best to protect your surfaces with hot pads under pots and pans. Be sure that you find a restoration company if your stone has been cracked for any reason.

Granite Countertop Scratches

The stone is strong but it can create scratches if you are not careful. Moving an abrasive material across a counter or floor can cause scratches and even etching to occur. The stone should have a nice smooth finish and if you can feel these scratches you want to make sure that you use a professional. They can come out and refinish the surface so that it can be sealed and polished again.

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