Why is My Grout Crumbling & Deteriorating in Spring Valley, NV? Moisture, Harsh Cleaners & More

The porous substance that holds your tile together is known as grout. It is essential that this glue that is holding your tile together is kept safe from damage. If it isn’t, you can end up with extensive damage to your tile floor that puts you in a position where the floor has to be replaced. It is important to understand why and how grout can get damaged as well as what you can do to make sure it is safe. Silver State Floor Restoration is here to talk about grout and how to protect it from the things that can cause damage.

Why Does Grout Crumble & Turn to Powder?

There are a few reasons you may start to notice that the grout around your tiles is showing signs of crumbling. Here are some of the most common reasons you may be seeing this happen to your grout.
– Moisture: Tile is a popular choice in high moisture areas in your home because it is so durable against moisture. This doesn’t make it bulletproof though. Believe it or not, moisture is one of the number one causes for crumbling grout. It is important that you make sure your grout has protection against moisture to ensure it doesn’t get damaged.
– Harsh Cleaners: Some of the cleaners that claim to be safe for tile and grout cleaning but can cause damage instead. You need to be careful when choosing a cleaner for your tile surface to avoid damage.
– Low-Quality Grout: Not all grout is created equal. Some grouts that are cement-based have a tendency to be more susceptible to damage because of their porous surface. They absorb dirt, debris, water, and other substances that can lead to crumbling problems.

How Do You Keep Grout from Crumbling?

Luckily, you can avoid crumbling grout when you properly maintain our tile and grout surfaces. The best protection you can offer your grout is to make sure you are having your tile and grout professionally cleaned and sealed. The sealing is the most important part. With proper sealing, you don’t have to worry about debris causing problems or moisture being a big issue as well. If you aren’t sure whether or not your cleaning agents are safe, it is always a good idea to read labels to ensure they are safe for tile and grout. You don’t want your cleaning agent to strip the sealant that is protecting your grout from its surface.

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If you are in need of grout cleaning and sealing, you can turn to the professionals at Silver State Floor Restoration to give you the cleaning and sealing service that will offer your grout protection like nothing else can. Our team of highly trained and qualified technicians will ensure your tile and grout surface is protected against problems like staining, crumbling and other damage that can have a large impact on the overall look and appearance of your tile surface. Call us today!

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