How to Clean & Remove Hard Water Stains & Etching on Marble Tile in Peccole Ranch, NV

Can water really stain? Doesn’t seem to make sense that something we use to clean would leave stains behind, but water spots left behind on marble happens more than you think. Learning how to remove water stains will have your marble surfaces looking great!

Hard Water Rings & Stains on Marble

Water spots on your marble surface are deposits of water that have built up. These spots will be more noticeable if your water contains higher levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium-aka hard water. If hard water is given enough time to dry on your marble surface, you will see water spots as it evaporates. If these minerals cling to the surface, it’s easier for more water with higher mineral counts to hang on. This can lead to a serious buildup of hard water. Worse, a buildup of water deposits close to soap can cause soap scum to start forming and then you’ve got another issue to deal with. The buildup of hard water will result in those dull water marks that you see.

What is Etching on Marble?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that water spots or water rings are etching. Etching on marble surfaces is a physical change in the marble and occurs when an acid reacts chemically with the surface of the marble and dissolves parts of the marble. The problem here is that etching can look like water spots or rings and both of these “stains” need to be treated and/or removed differently. Tying to remove an etch mark with a water removal method will only lead to frustration, and no luck.

Water Spots or Etching on Marble?

• Etch marks are usually in the shape of the item that produced the acid agent, like a cup. It can also be found in small spots from a cleaning agent that was used in the surface, from a spray bottle, for example.
• The etch mark happens when the top surface of the marble is dissolved and leaves an indentation. You can touch this spot to see if it’s etching.
• Water spots will buildup on the surface, and an etch mark will have an indentation.
• If you feel a raise on the surface, it’s a water spot.
• Water spots can be rubbed away with a gentle buff using fine steel wool #0000.
• Don’t use your nail or an object to scratch a spot. While it may remove a water spot, it can also scratch the surface.

How to Remove Water Spots & Etching from Marble

Marble cleaner and a soft cloth can remove water spots. Etching can be removed by cleaning the surface and applying a polishing powder. Spray water over the powder to dampen it and start scrubbing. Scrub quickly at a higher frequency rather than applying a lot of pressure. You can apply a little more pressure if the mark doesn’t go away after about 20 seconds. Follow up with a marble cleaner.

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It’s very easy to misidentify these marks. Knowing the difference and how to deal with them will help you keep your marble looking fantastic! Contact Silver State Floor Restoration for all your floor restoration needs.

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