Why Natural Stone Tile Bathroom Showers & Floors is a Great Choice in North Las Vegas, NV

Natural stone is a beautiful option for your home or business. Every piece is different, not manmade and fits almost any décor. It’s a popular option with several misconceptions surrounding it and can cause people to question its practicality. Let’s go over some of these misconceptions.

Natural Stone Stains Can Be Removed

Many people believe that natural stone stains easily. Any type of stain is a concern for homeowners. Products like cosmetics, red wine and coffee can stain natural stone, but almost any stain can be treated successfully if the origin of the stain is known. If you think your floors will be more prone to stains, then choose a darker color to hide stains that may be impossible to remove.

Natural Stone is an Expensive Investment but Worth It

While it’s true that natural stone is found in many high-end projects, it can be affordable on any budget. The cost of natural stone will all depend on a few factors, like availability and demand. In fact, there are natural stone options that are similar in price to many manmade materials. The movements and size of slab needed for a project can affect the price. So, depending on your project, natural stone can even be less expensive that manmade materials.

Natural Stone Does Needs Maintenance

Softer stone, like limestone and marble, can be susceptible to scratching and etching. But this can all be prevented with preventative measures. Be careful of activities that take place on natural stone and clean spills up as soon as possible. It’s also important not to use harsh chemical cleaners on natural stone.

Natural Stone Will Never Go Out of Style

Natural stone has been used for centuries and while certain colors and finishes may come in and out of fashion, you can’t go wrong with natural stone. It’s timeless and classic. Natural stone offers a feeling of nature that always feels authentic. Stone provides texture and depth to a space that’s hard to get with any other material.

Natural Stone Maintenance Tips

When natural stone is properly and regularly cared for, it will look great for many years. The best way to prevent increased wear and tear on natural stone is to keep a few things in mind. Natural stone is porous and can become scratched with the wrong cleaners. Avoid cleaners with vinegar, bleach or acid in them and all-purpose household cleaners. The wrong cleaner can also remove protective properties and make the stone more susceptible to stains and can discolor the stone. Dust mop once a week to keep dirt particles from accumulating. Frequent mopping with a damp sponge will maintain its shine and luster. Mop 3 to 5 times a week to remove dust and dirt buildup that can break a floor down and attract bacteria. Use cleaners that are formulated for stone floors and warm water, rinse the surface and use a soft cloth to dry it. You can protect your stone floors at entryways by placing non-slip mats or areas rugs to prevent loose dirt from scratching your floors.

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