Common Mistakes Made when Cleaning Tile & Grout Floors in Mountain’s Edge NV

Tile and grout flooring is typically found in every home, especially in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms where moisture is a factor, as it is one of the more durable options. But when it comes to the cleaning of the tile and grout, there are many who make some mistakes doing the task. We at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to share some of the mistakes made while cleaning tile floors in an effort to help you avoid it.

Tile Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Bleached and ammonia based cleaners: These products should be avoided at all costs. Over times, these products will discolor the grout. Use a mild all-purpose cleaner, or for best results, use a tile and grout cleaner specific to the type of tile you have.
Scrubbing: Abrasive tools, such as steel wool, and powders should never be used. The tile processed with a finish that will be damaged, additionally, the sealants and polish will be removed. Soft cleaning mops, cloths and nonabrasive chemicals should be the only thing you use to clean your tile and grout floors.
Not addressing spills: Tile and grout can be just as impacted by substances just as carpet and wood floors are, just in a different manner. Letting them seep into the porous grout will cause stains and discoloration. Tomato based, oily, and most beverages will seep into tile, leaving an unsightly stain, so wipe them quickly.
No protection from furniture: Despite tile being a hard, it can be chipped or crack with enough exerted force. Using furniture protectors on the bottom of the legs of chairs and tables, you can better protect your tile from potential damage. When moving the furniture around as you clean, be very careful and note the potted plants as well.
Not deactivating the beater bar on the vacuum on tile floors. The beater bar of the vacuum should not be spinning when using the vacuum to clear the dust and debris. When spins, it scratches or dulls the finish. Ensure the beater bar is not spinning when cleaning tile floors.
Sweeping is infrequent: Dirt is a natural abrasive, and walking creates the friction that will expedite the deterioration of the sealant, damage the grout and finish. Daily sweeping light weekly mopping and professional deep cleaning 1-2 times a year will keep the tile and grout looking amazing and stay in optimal condition.
Sealing is not periodically applied: Sealants should be periodically applied to protect the tile and grout from wear and tear. Additionally, the caulk should be inspected routinely and if it is peeling, new caulk should be administered to seal the seams.
Glazed tile being treated with oil-based cleaners: Glazed tile floors are already slippery on their own. Adding an oil-based cleaner will increase the risk of falling. Stay clear of the oil-based cleaner on glazed tile.
Neglecting floor mats. Most of the filth that comes inside, is tracked in on the floors under our feet. Having an outdoor mat and indoor mat placed on both sides of the door can help knock the majority of the dirt and debris off the shoes and avoid tracking in excess particulates.
Over Saturating the tile. Over saturation and not drying the moisture off the surface during the mopping process can damage and discolor the tile. Mineral deposits in the water left behind cause staining and excess moisture promotes mildew and mold growth that will make the grout lines look dull and dingy. Following the mopping, be sure to dry them as it will also buff and shine the tile as well.

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Tile and grout floors should be professionally cleaned at least once a year, and in high traffic areas, consider every six months. When they are due for a cleaning, call Silver State Floor Restoration to ensure they are efficiently deep cleaned.

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