Process of Honing Travertine, Marble & Other Natural Stone Floors in Henderson, NV

Honing of a natural mineral flooring and countertops restores the finish and beauty of these natural materials.

Natural Stone Floor Honing

The honing steps are:
• Pre-inspection identifies the scope of the job and any flaw or problems to be addressed.
• Prep includes protecting walls, doors and trim. Plastic sheeting applied to the walls and trim with masking tape protect these areas.
• Cleaning processes are determined by the flooring product and if it is outdoors or indoors. Machine or hand washing the floor which is then rinsed with a hot water and using an extraction system for achieving maximum cleaning and soil removal. The proper cleaning chemicals will break down dirt and oils, most are detergents and thus the rinse requirement. Avoid acidic compounds, phosphates and ammonia, balanced pH products are preferable.
• Natural stone floors are hard. If the floor shows etching, scuffing or scratching restoration calls for diamond abrasives and literally the grinding of the stone. Water is used to confine the dust, and the floor must be ground to below the blemish. Diamond dust impregnated pads perform the grinding duty.
• Honing is a finer process than grinding using a finer, diamond grit. This will bring the surface to a sheen. Honing leaves a matt finish, is not shiny and more porous surface, ideal for high traffic areas like stairs and floor that experience high traffic.
• Polishing brings out the shine and removes any marks related to the honing and grinding processes.
• Sealing or Enhancer. There is of course a difference. There are two sealer types they are impregnator sealer, which is penetrating and soaks into the stone and surface sealer. Surface sealer require a textured surface to ensure bonding note recommended for high density stones like granite or marble. Surface sealers add a sheen to the surface. Take a sealer for instance:
o Must be applied every 3-5 years.
o Stone type and porosity are factors.
o Traffic of course determines the frequency. High traffic areas have a shorter life.
o Cleaned daily, weekly or some other schedule. More often the cleaning the shorter the life time of the applied sealant.
o What was the previous sealer type.
• Enhancers, unlike sealers offers no barrier to protect the stone from stains. Some products are combo products containing sealers and enhancers. Enhancers highlight the stone’s natural color, like oils on wood brings out the grain. Enhancers can be used to achieve deeper color and luster, leaving a ‘wet’ look. Some may not want an enhancer applied, but a sealant is mandatory. These products also serve to seal the tile and the grout.

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Outside installation will determine the products required as they must cope with the weather, temperature variations, sun and wind driven grit as well as foot traffic and stains. Natural stone flooring and countertops represent a major investment but are durable and long lasting. Like most other products though, they do require maintenance, refinishing and restoration and will prove more years of use and enjoyment. As special equipment is involved and specialized knowledge and experience are helpful, grinding, honing and polishing are better left to the professional. Silver State Floor Restoration can handle all your natural stone floor restoration needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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