How to Clean, Seal, Maintain & Restore Manmade Tile VS Natural Stone Floors in Las Vegas NV

The word tile is not really a word that is very specific. Tile is a general name that is used when you are talking about your hard surface floors that are made of porcelain, ceramic, marble or travertine for example. There are many other types of tile floors but in the end most people refer to them as simply tile flooring. There are many differences however between natural stone and man-made tile surfaces.

Silver State Floor Restoration has what the differences are and the pros and cons of Manmade Tile versus Natural Stone.

Manmade Tiles: Some of the tiles that are considered manmade are porcelain and ceramic. Manmade tiles can also include clay that has been formed and baked. These are a great option for a lot of different reasons and one of them is that the cost of these types of tiles is much less than a natural stone. It is also easier to install and for that reason the installation cost will be less as well. Another great thing for some people is that the color and patterns are very consistent because it is done in a plant and manufactured. You can also be sure because they are colored and cut by machines that each piece will be uniform in shape and size as well. One of the cons when you go with a man-made tile is that it can look un-natural even though it may be trying to mimic a natural tile. If you are okay with this con, manmade tile may be right for you. Another con is that you may not have as many choices if you were wanting to go with a more adventurous or complex design. One big pro is less chance of stains occurring as stain removal is a lot easier as manmade tiles aren’t as porous and are much more forgiving to spills and splashes.

Natural Stone Tiles: This type of tile includes granite, travertine or slate. It is also any kind of stone that is quarried and cut and polished. One of the coolest things about choosing a natural stone is that you can not duplicate the beauty of a natural stone. This is also a great way to go professional cleaning and sealingif you are wanting to go with more complex design or pattern. The cons are that it is more expensive because of the process that it takes to get extract the stone and prepare it for installing. Cleaning and maintenance is also a lot more difficult. Natural stone is very porous and absorbent. It requires professional tile and grout cleaning and sealing to keep it looking great!

Professional Natural Stone & Manmade Tile & Grout Cleaning, Polishing & Sealing in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

Now that you know what the main difference is between the two types of tiles is, again there are some care and maintenance that you might want to consider. Man-made tile is easier to upkeep and clean if something is spilled. Most natural stone is more porous and will absorb the spill faster. If you are considering a stone you may want to go with a less porous option that can withstand the spills and stains better. Natural stone floors can be professionally cleaned and they will come out looking better than a man-made tile floor. Contact Silver State Floor Restoration for all your tile and grout cleaning and restoration needs.

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