How to Get Scratches Out of Granite, Marble & Natural Stone Floors & Countertops in Winchester, NV

When it comes to maintaining beautiful clean natural stone floors or counter tops, one of the biggest challenges is preventing scratches. Scratches is one of the common repair services for natural stone surfaces. Deep scratches often require the stone to be repaired by a professional. However, minor scratches can be repaired easily to maintain a scratch free stone. Silver State Floor Restoration would like to share how to repair scratches on natural stone surfaces.

Natural Stone Hardness Scale

Scratches can and do occur on natural stone. Each stone varies on the hardness scale and some stones are more resistant to scratches than others. Depending on the hardness of the stone you have, and the depth of the scratches, will determine how you will want to repair your natural stone.

Scratches on Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone is one of the more common types of natural stone found in homes and is the easiest to repair. To repair soapstone you can apply mineral oil with a paper towel and apply medium pressure. For deeper scratches you can use a 300 grit sand paper to sand out the scratches, and then follow up with mineral oil. You can also use 100 grit sand paper if the scratches are really deep. However, when you have really deep scratches and you may want to seek professional services.

Scratched Granite or Marble

Other common natural stones found in homes are marble and granite. Marble and granite on the hardness scale are pretty hard and it often takes a harder object to scratch the surface. Nevertheless, scratches do happen and can be difficult to repair. Often deep scratches in marble or granite requires a professional service with strong mechanical sanding machines, as well as a diamond pad, buffer, felt and a chemical polish. If you have minor scratches you will need a polish for the stone. Therefore make sure you get one that is used for granite or marble. Next you will need a steel wool that is #0000 to sand out the scratches. Afterward, apply the polish to smooth and seal the stone. Granite is one of the harder of the natural stones and is highly used in homes for counter tops and floors because of its durability. Deep scratches or even minor scratches can be very difficult to repair in granite because it requires a diamond grain sand paper. As the name implies, diamond grains are used to grind down granite since diamond is the hardest material known. Access to a diamond grit sander is not easy to come by and can be very expensive. This is why you may want to seek a professional service to repair granite surfaces.

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Natural stone is beautiful and can last decades, but it does require proper maintenance and repair. Scratches can lead to erosion in natural stone especially marble as they are prone to erosion. When scratches appear it is important to repair the scratches quickly to assure the longevity of your natural stone. When your granite, marble and other natural stone surfaces have scratches or require other repairs or maintenance, contact Silver State Floor Restoration. We provide natural stone cleaning, maintenance and more. Contact Silver State Floor Restoration and schedule our services today.

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