What is the Best Solution to Clean Tile Floors in Whitney, NV? Dry After Shower, Seal Grout & More

Tile is great to have in your kitchen or your bathroom. But do you notice how over time your tile starts to look really dirty? How do you help prevent that or how do you clean your tile so that it doesn’t get so dirty? Silver State Floor Restoration is here to give you a few cleaning tips so that you can help keep your tile clean longer.

Dry Tiles After Shower or Wetting

It is important that you keep your tiles dry. Now we know that you have tile in the shower or you mop your floors and it gets wet then. It is important to try to keep your tile dry as much as possible. So, if you have mopped your floor or if there have been spills on your floor make sure you dry it or clean it up so the liquid does not sit on the tile. If you have tile in your shower or tub make sure that you dry it after you are done using the shower.

Use Mats on Tile Floor

Mats are an important thing to have when you have a tile floor. Having mats on the inside and the outside of your main doors is very important. This will help prevent you from bringing in more dust and dirt from outside and getting it on your tile. You should also place mats in front of sinks to help prevent water from getting onto your tile. You should consider getting rugs for high-traffic areas also. This can help reduce the wear and tear your tile will get over the years.

Vacuum Floors Often

It is very important that you vacuum your house on a regular basis. Your floors can get dirty, with dirt and debris that gets on your floor and if you do not clean your floors then that dirt can get stepped on and pushed around, making your floor dirty or even scratched. If you have pets, it is important to vacuum often. That hair can get everywhere and when it is on a hard surface like tile it can just float around getting everywhere in your house. Vacuuming your house can help keep your home clean.

Hire Professional Tile & Grout Cleaners

A great idea is to hire a professional tile and grout cleaning service. They have the equipment and the knowledge of how to clean your grout and tile from that dirt and grime that can get on it over the months. When hiring a professional cleaner, they can help get your home clean from germs while making your floors look amazing again.

Grout Needs to Be Sealed

Grout is very porous so it can absorb spills or dirt that gets inside it. It is very important that you seal your grout. You need to seal your grout and continue to seal your grout about once a year. With grout sealers, you can apply a clearcoat or even a colored coat and change the color of your grout. If you do not seal your grout then your grout will become ruined and full of bacteria.

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If it is time for your tile floors to be cleaned or redone then give Silver State Floor Restoration a call today. We will make your floors look beautiful once again.

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