How to Keep Tile Floors in Las Vegas, NV Clean & Shiny; Clean Grout Lines with a Grout Brush, Sweep Regularly, Dry After Mopping!

Tile flooring is one of the most popular flooring choices that home owners go with. Tile is durable, available in a variety of sizes, colors and textures and can improve the look of any home. Just like any other type of flooring, tile requires special care and attention to keep it looking great and lasting long. The best way to keep your tile looking like new is to employ Silver State Floor Restoration to clean your tile floor at least twice a year. This will assist in eliminating any serious stains and preventing chips and cracks from occurring. In between these professional tile and grout cleanings is where these tile flooring tips will come in handy.

How to Clean Grout Lines with a Grout Brush

Your tile can be as clean as possible, but if your grout lines are dirty, your floor will look awful. Dirty grout lines greatly affect the appearance of your tile floor and can be difficult to keep clean. Dirty grout lines cause many homeowners a great deal of frustration as they attract a significant amount of dirt, dust and grime, especially in high traffic areas throughout your home. Grout lines are often skipped over when using a regular broom to sweep over your tile floor. The best way to keep grout lines clean between professional cleanings is to use a grout brush. A grout brush is sized to fit into the narrow grout lines and scrub away any dirt or grime that has settled in. While the grout brush is an effective tool, be prepared to spend a great deal of time on the floor scrubbing. This is a lengthy task to complete alone.

Sweep your Tile Floor Every Day to Prevent Dust Buildup and Filth

It is necessary that you sweep your tile floors at least once a day to avoid dust build up and filth collecting on the surface of your floor. One of the biggest tile floor cleaning mistakes that homeowners make is mopping over a floor that has not first been swept. This is completely ineffective and will make your floor even dirtier. Mopping over a tile floor that hasn’t been swept is like brushing your teeth with an Oreo cookie. Do yourself a huge favor and always start your tile cleaning with a thorough sweeping, it doesn’t take much time and the results will leave your tile shining rather than looking dull and dirty.

Dry your Sticky Tile Floor Completely after Mopping

Mopping your tile floors will remove any sticky spills, dark shoe scuffs and other marks. If you fail to dry your tile floor completely after mopping, then water will seep back into the grout lines and then you’ve got dirty grout lines again. Be sure to take the time to completely dry your tile floor after mopping to avoid an incomplete cleaning job. Many people clean their tile floors right before bed so the floor has all night to dry out before you walk on its surface again.

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Your tile floor can last for years and look like new if you take the proper steps to care for it and hire Silver State Floor Restoration to regularly clean your tile floors.

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