Benefits of Tile & Grout Sealer in Las Vegas, NV; Hard Floor Stain & Moisture Reduction, Easier Cleaning & Maintenance, Mold & Mildew Prevention & More!

Many residential homes and commercial businesses are quite taken with utilizing manmade or natural stone tiling throughout the various surfaces in the building. With so many options, everyone can find a style, coloring and texture that appeals to them. Most stones require little maintenance, which increases the attraction for quite a few. But these tiled surfaces, whether they are manmade or natural stone should be sealed accordingly to enhance protection and aesthetics.

Silver State Floor Restoration relates the advantages and benefits of ensuring regular sealer application.

Grout is extremely porous, and is highly absorbent to liquids, germs, bacteria and dirt. If left unsealed, it can radically reduce the longevity, vibrant appearance, and cause it to deteriorate quickly.

Benefits of using sealants on your tile and grout flooring are listed below.
1. Stain reduction. Over time, grout can appear dingy, faded and dull with stains. With periodically applying sealants, the sealant acts as a barrier and prevents staining from occurring.
2. Moisture reduction. Sealing the grout will help prevent moisture from seeping into the porous material. Moisture can contribute to tiles lifting out of place, especially in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms where it is a moist environment. Having a sealant covering the grout can hinder much of the water from seeping through.
3. Easier maintenance. When there is adequate sealant in place, the daily cleaning is dramatically improved.
4. Increased longevity. If grout remains unsealed, it will quickly begin to deteriorate, cracking and disintegrating.
5. Mold and mildew prevention. With sealants blocking much of the humidity and moisture,
mold and mildew outbreaks are prevented. Ensuring mildew and mold does not set in is important for the durability of your tile, the raw materials underneath, and your overall health.
6. Low cost maintenance. Sealing the tile and grout is a part of the regular maintenance, and needs it done periodically. Harsh chemical cleaners can dissolve sealants quickly, mild soaps and soft cleaners are recommended for cleaning sealed tiled, but eventually the sealant wears away, and reapplication is needed. Generally sealants are not costly and very affordable to keep up on.
7. Aesthetics. Keeping up on the sealants prevents the stains and blemishes, but it also keeps the shine and vibrancy like new, keeping your tile in mint condition is the key to maintaining its luster and beauty.
8. Increases safety. Many sealants have slip resistant features that help reduce accidental falls and slippage, but still maintain a amplified shine and rejuvenated appearance.

Tile & Grout Cleaning, Polishing & Sealing in Las Vegas Valley NV, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

With the many benefits of sealers, it is essential to include the regular maintenance of applying them. With the help of Silver State Floor Restoration, you can get the appropriate sealer and expert application with our sealing service. Along with professional sealing, our team of experienced professionals can thoroughly clean your manmade stone or natural stone surfaces. We utilize professional grade equipment and products to give our valued customers premium cleaning and sealing services. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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