How to Maintain Your Hardwood Floors Between Professional Deep Cleanings in Anthem, NV

Wood floors are earthy and warm. They bring an essence of beauty to our homes that is natural and timeless. If cared for properly they can last for decades and will add value to your home. Hardwood floors are durable and stand up well to wear and tear. Knowing how to properly care for your hardwood floors will ensure they don’t become water damaged and buckle, cup or warp from improper care. From time to time you will need a professional to deep clean, and refinish your hardwood floors, but what about everyday care for your floors? Did you buy a house that has hardwood and you’re unsure of how to care for them? Have you been considering installing hardwood floors and don’t know where to start with the maintenance? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Silver State Floor Restoration has a schedule along with proper care and maintenance tips to keep your floors healthy and looking amazing!

Daily Hardwood Floor Care

We live in a huge dustbowl here in the Valley. Dirt is inevitable in any household. Daily dust sweeping will help to keep dirt and other contaminants to a minimum. Hardwood floors don’t hide debris well, so this is an essential step in keeping your home looking clean. We recommend using a microfiber mop/cloth, or any other dry mop that uses static electricity to collect dirt, dust or other things that end up on your floors. Allowing too much dirt to build-up on your floors will damage them because dirt gets ground into the floors and can compromise the finish and scratch the floors. Brooms tend to push dirt around and it gets everywhere making an even bigger mess than what you started with, so invest in a good quality dust mop to make your life a little easier.

Weekly Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Once a week you will want to do a deeper clean to get the dirt out of all the nooks and crannies that the dust mop couldn’t get to such as under furniture, behind T.V. stands and in corners or other tight spaces. Dust mops don’t effectively pull dirt out from between the hardwood panels. There are a few vacuums on the market that are specifically for hardwood floors, not just any vacuum will work. If your vacuum has a beater bar or heavy wheels these will damage your floors. Special vacuums come with hardwood floor attachments that won’t damage your floors. After all of the dust is removed, you will want to lightly mist your floors with a hardwood floor cleaner and either mop it up with a soft mop, or microfiber cloth being sure to go with the grain. Water and hardwood don’t mix, if your floors become saturated this will compromise the integrity of the flooring, when in need, be sure to only touch your floors with a damp, not wet rag or mop. We do not recommend the use of soap or vinegar on your flooring as soap leave a waxy residue and vinegar will dull your floors finish over time. A gentle touch will go a long way with your flooring.

Monthly Hardwood Flooring Maintenance

Once a month, to every two months depending on the traffic in your home, your floors will benefit from a good polishing. Polishing helps to reinforce your floors finish. It will aid in filling in the tiny scratches in your floors and give your floors an even texture. Be sure to get a good quality hardwood floor polish and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The first time or two you do this step may be challenging, after you get into a routine it will be simple!

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Silver State Floor Restoration can give you the best recommendation on how often your home will benefit from a deep cleaning. Each home is different and has different traffic patterns requiring a different level of care. Having your floors deep cleaned by Silver State Floor Restoration will repair all the damage and wear and tear that breaks down hardwood flooring over time. Give us a call today for your in-home consultation!

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