How to Remove Mold from Bathroom Shower & Other Tile Grout in Tuscany Village, NV

Seeing mildew or mold growing in bathrooms, especially in showers or bathtubs, is not an uncommon sight. The bathroom is one of the primary locations of a home or mold and mildew easily develop, but on the other hand, it is the easiest place to clear out any mold outbreaks. In the event the mold outbreak is severe, the mold may need to be dealt with by a professional. Moisture, darkness, and a food source are the primary things mold needs to thrive. If neglected the mildew and mold growing on the grout near bathtubs and in showers can blossom quickly. With that in mind, Silver State Floor Restoration would like to cover the mold and mildew growing on the grout and tile of the bathrooms.

How Does Mold Get on Tile Grout?

Grout is one of the most porous materials used in the construction of homes. Due to its porous nature, it absorbs moisture, dirt, debris, soap scum, and other residues. These circumstances are the perfect setup for mold and mildew. Causes of mold can occur under a number of factors. Below are a few examples.
1) With the water lingering after use and the light being shutoff, mold can grow. However, using the ventilation fans can deter the growth of mildew and mold.
2) Unrepaired leaks from toilets, faucets, and pipes will inevitably breed mildew and mold. Keeping up on repairs and drying the area in between uses can help you avoid.
3) When left damp, cellulose materials are susceptible to mold growth. Items such as wood, paper drywall, products, wallpaper, rugs, fabric, and grout.

How to Prevent Mold on Bathroom Shower & Other Tile & Grout

When keeping up on the cleaning of your bathroom, inspect all the nooks and crannies, especially where water is plentiful, to ensure there are no visible signs of an outbreak. Under sinks, products occupying the cabinet space, exhaust fans, the grout around the shower and tub seams as well as fixtures are the most common locations. Mold and mildew prevention tips:
1) Leave the ventilation fan on for at least 30 minutes following your shower and bath. If you do not have a fan or it is inoperable; get it repaired or installed.
2) To control the humidity levels under 50%, use your air conditioner or dehumidifiers.
3) Invest in a mildew resistant shower curtain; be sure to clean them and replace as often needed.
4) Shampoo and conditioner bottles, body wash containers, bath toys, wash cloths or loofahs and shaving razors should not be left in the shower at the conclusion of your process, wipe them down and store accordingly.
5) Routinely wash bathroom rugs and any nonslip shower mats you have.
Mold removal: If you notice a beginning outbreak of mold or mildew, clean it immediately with the following steps listed below.
1) Strip away any caulk or sealant that has mold growing on it and replace with a fresh application.
2) Utilize mold killing shower products and use according to the label’s directions. Be sure to open the windows and flip on the fans to reduce the chemical exposure.
3) Call for professional assistance of the mold growth has gotten out of control.

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Silver State Floor Restoration has experience dealing with mold. If you have a mold problem or the tile and grout could use a professional cleaning, give us a call and our experts will do the rest.

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