How to Deep Clean & Care for Hardwood Floors in Summerlin, NV; Microfiber Mops & More

Are you the proud owner of hardwood flooring? If you have never had to care for hardwood floors before, it is recommended to learn how to care for wood floors properly to extend the life of your floor. Silver State Floor Restoration provides hardwood floor cleaning. In addition, we have a few tips to share due to our years of experience on how to properly clean and care for hardwood floors.

Best Daily Cleaning Mop for Hardwood Floors; Microfiber

In order to care for your hardwood flooring it is important to sweep your floor daily. It is recommended to use a microfiber mop or cloth to prevent scratching your wood while you sweep it. Microfiber dust mops are great because they use static to help trap dirt and loose hair. Natural wood secretes oils so if dust and dirt is left on the floor the oil will combine with the dirt creating a messy, sticky floor over time. This is why it is recommended to sweep or mop your floors daily.

Avoid Excess Water on Hardwood Floors

After daily dirt and dust removal, it is also strongly recommended you clean the hardwood floor once a week to ensure you always maintain a clean floor. This also prevents your floor from getting damaged by the various elements it is exposed to. When doing your weekly cleaning, you will find a hardwood floor vacuum very useful. They do a great job removing all of the dirt, hair, and other debris that may be on your floor. This will prevent anything from clumping up while you mop your floor which would leave behind a messier floor. Use a hardwood floor cleaner. Make sure never to use access water or moisture when you wash the wood. Water or moisture can damage your precious hardwood floor. Most cleaners are spray on and wipe away. Some wood soap does mix with water. If you use these types of cleaners, make sure the mop is damp and not soaked when washing your floors. You may want to immediately dry the floor afterwards.

Polish Hardwood Floors

To extend the rich, shiny look of your hardwood floor, you will want to have your floors polished once a month. By polishing your hardwood floor, you will fill in and repair those micro-scratches that occur especially in high traffic areas. Polishing floors is much easier than it sounds and should be done regularly.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Company to Deep Clean Hardwood Floor

Additionally, to extend the life of your hardwood floor, you will want to schedule a deep cleaning once a year. Deep cleaning involves removing all the furniture and cleaning and polishing your floor. However, it is also recommended that about every 3 to 5 years, you sand and refinish the hardwood floor to remove dents or cracks in the wood. You can look for floor refinishing companies to help with this step in hardwood floor care.

Entrance & Exit Floor Mats

Some other additional tips to help keep your hardwood floor clean longer is to use floor mats at exterior entryways to help reduce the amount of dirt, pebbles and other elements that can damage your hardwood floors. Many will also advocate using vinegar and water, or liquid dish soap on hardwood floor. This is a major mistake that can damage your wood which will cause expensive replacements.

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If you need help when it comes to deep cleaning your hardwood floors, contact Silver State Floor Restoration. We can help clean and polish all your hardwood floors and other surfaces. Contact Silver State Floor Restoration and schedule your cleaning today!

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