Should Kitchen Cabinets Match Flooring? How to Choose the Best Easy to Clean Tile or Natural Stone Floor Combinations in Henderson, NV

The kitchen and dining room of any home is an important area. This is a space that many families spend making food and eating meals. It always seems to be the place that friends and family congregate to chat while baking and cooking. The kitchen is also huge on a potential new buyers list. If the kitchen is amazing they are willing to overlook some other minor things when purchasing a home. That means that spending some time and money on getting the kitchen just right is a great idea. Two of the main parts of the kitchen are the cabinets and the flooring. You can do fun stuff with the decor and the handles but these two areas need to go together. There is a lot more that goes behind choosing a flooring option to match your kitchen cabinets.

Silver State Floor Restoration Lists Factors to Consider When Choosing A Tile, Stone or Wood Floor For Your Home.

Consider the Style of Kitchen Cabinets when Choosing Tile Flooring: If you are choosing a cabinet that is modern and sleek you need to be sure that you go with a stone or tile floor that is also modern. The tiles that are great for these kinds of cabinets should be sleek with a straight edge and very minimal grout line. If you have a paneled cabinets that are raised you can do a more intricate stone tile. You can also use a stone tile that has different sizes that fit together. Another style cabinet that you might have is more pronounced style cabinet that has lots of wood grain and levels of the cabinets. When you have this kind of cabinet you can use a stone tile that has a lot of character such as slate stone tile.
Kitchen Cabinets, Countertops & Flooring Combinations: The color of the floors in your home is going to need to balance the entire room. The room needs to have balance between the cabinets, floors and countertops. If you have chosen a cabinet that is a light wood and you want a darker stone countertop, you need to add the balance by choosing a dark colored floor. If you have a kitchen that does not have a two tone look but has multi-dimensional colors like a granite counter and a rustic looking cabinet it can be hard to determine the balance. In this type of circumstance you want to look for one of the darkest shades between the cabinets and counters and use something that is similar to that for the stone floor.
What Size Tiles Are Best?: You may think that a bigger tile is always better but that is not always the case when balancing a kitchen. If you have a modern styled kitchen you want to use a large oversized tile. Where a kitchen is more farm chic, you may want to use a tile that is smaller to fit with the theme of the room.

Tile & Stone Floor Cleaning, Polishing & Sealing in Las Vegas Valley NV, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Another important factor you will want to consider is care, cleaning and maintenance. But no matter what hard flooring you choose, know that Silver State Floor Restoration can expertly clean, polish and seal it to keep it looking like new! Contact us for all your hard floor cleaning needs.

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