How to Tell the Difference Between Granite & Marble Natural Stone Tile Floors in Summerlin, NV; Colors, Patterns, Cleaning & Maintenance

Are you sick of your boring old tile floors and ready to make a change? Tile does come in a slew of colors, shapes and sizes but sometimes people want something that is more extravagant. If you want to go this direction you can choose a nice natural stone tile floor. The natural stones are a great addition to any home and there are many types to choose from. The stone is harvested from an area that has the stone naturally. The stone is then cleaned up, shaped and cut into the size tile that is then going to be sold. The stone also has to be polished and packaged so that it is ready to install in a new home. There are some really great types of natural stone but two of the most common are granite and marble. They can be used on flooring as well as counters and walls too.

Silver State Floor Restoration Lists The Differences Between Marble & Granite Stone Floor Tiles

Granite Natural Stone Floors: When you go with a granite flooring option you are getting a beautiful stone. They offer a great look to any room such as a bathroom, kitchen or entry way. The granite has some really great qualities such as the color combinations that you can get. You can get an array of colors and patterns to choose from. The colors can be grey, black, tan and even red. Whatever look you are going for you are sure to find what you want with granite. You can have it cut down to the size tile that you want to use. Another really great benefit of granite is that it is a durable type of stone to go with. The stone can withstand heat mostly but it is a porous material so that means that it is susceptible to staining. The stone is natural so it has some natural looks and that means that it can also have some cracks and divots that can collect liquid which can cause some staining. It also needs to be cleaned properly because many of the cleaning product can cause damage to the stone.
Marble Natural Stone Floors: If you want to go with a marble stone floor this is another amazing flooring choice. The marble is another natural stone and that means that there is not a perfect piece and you are going to get a natural look because of it. That is why it is so sought after. Marble offers a different array of colors that are more muted in tone. They are usually more of a grey and white colors and instead of specks of color there have more a swirl look. The marble is able to withstand but tends to be a little less durable than a granite stone. They also need to be cleaned carefully so that the cleaning solution does not cause damage to the stone itself. They also need to be cleaned and sealed professionally to ensure they last the longest possible.

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If you have either of these types of stone floors makes sure that you have them cleaned, polished and sealed by a professional to make sure that they last and look their very best. Contact us to schedule your next appointment today.

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