How to Warm Your Natural Stone & Tile Floors in the Winter in Las Vegas, NV; Wear Socks, Use Heaters, Electric Radiant Floor Heating & More

Having tiles or a natural stone floor has many perks. Homeowners everywhere love them for their durability, easiness to clean, and how they look. However there is one major complaint that crops up every year. Tile and stone floors are so cold in the winter. This is a problem for many people. Most will endure the winter with extra fluffy socks because the ups outweigh the downs. Silver State Floor Restoration has heard your complaints and we have a few suggestions to help make those winter days far less chilling, especially for your feet.

Bare Feet or Socks on Cold Tile Floors & Cranking the Heater to Warm Natural Stone Floors

The one thing you will hear over and over again is to wear a warm pair of socks to help deal with your cold floors. While this is a cheap and easy way to cope with the cold, it isn’t your only option. Some will suggest cranking up your home heating system until your floors warm up or get an indoor furnace to help with the cold. This can be rather expensive and not always ideal. In some cases this might work. There are some stones and tile that absorb and hold temperatures better than others, so heating up your home once and then maintaining is possible but isn’t the most popular way to warm up your floors.

Electric Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Others will suggest getting a nice area rug to help keep you warm especially in the living room and other places you find your family gathering. The right rug is what is important, not just any area rug will do. So when picking out a rug, don’t just go for the look and coziness but also the thickness. The thicker the rug, the more insulation it will provide you and your family. However rugs won’t work throughout your entire home. So why not just have carpets right? This is where you hear about underfloor Heating. This can be a relatively expensive investment but many will advocate one worth the investment. Underfloor heating comes with three major options of installation: heating cables, mats, or heating blankets. Installers will often use the cable for tile, where the mat and blanket heater are often used for natural stone floors. Other methods are electrical and installed underneath the floor directly. Those who installed underfloor heating say it is the best way to keep your tile or stone floors warm and will never go back. It is also one of the most affordable solutions in the long run as well. It is said that it will help anywhere between 15% and 50% in power savings.

Best Type of Tile for the Living Areas of Your Home

If cold floors are bothering you, consider installing a heating system before laying or installing your floor. If you desire harder surface flooring then we recommend going with a natural stone floor verses tile. Natural stone floor absorbs and holds heat better than some other tiles. Most people are drawn to the natural floor, but it is one of the more expensive types of flooring. However the investment is worthwhile. If you are sensitive to the cold but still want the perks of having harder floors, natural stone with underfloor heating is your best bet to combat those chilly winters. Space heaters do well in small areas where you spend a lot of time, like your computer desk or watching TV, however it is not a heating solution for a larger room.

Natural Stone & Manmade Tile Cleaning, Polishing & Sealing in Las Vegas Valley NV, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Silver State Floor Restoration crew gets asked all the time the best way to keep floors warm in the winter. We hope we were able to help you with this chilly floor problem. For any of your floor restoration needs, Silver State Floor Restoration will be happy to help you. We are but a call away.

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