Uneven Tile Edges? Natural Stone Lippage Removal in Henderson, NV; Grinding Down Marble & Other Tile

Have you ever been walking across your stone tile floors and hit a spot that is not level? It can cause you to trip or even can give you an injury if you don’t have shoes and socks on. You may think there is nothing that you can do about this problem but there is. Some people think the only recourse is to have the stone tile floors broken up and removed from the house. Then have a new stone floor installed with hopes that there are not any lips. There are several reasons that your floor could be left with lips that need to be addressed. Tearing out the floors is one option but there is another cheaper and less intrusive option.

Silver State Floor Restoration Explains What Can Cause Lippage & How It Can Be Repaired.

Tile Lippage Definition: When your stone floor is installed in your home, the intention is to have a smooth and level finish. That is not always what happens and that is when you are left with lippage. The little un-level areas between the tiles that stand up higher than the one that is next is called lippage. You can tell that you have them by lying flat to look at the tile floors from ground level. You can also run your hand across the floor to feel for an inconsistencies in the level. If you feel these spots you have an option to have them repaired.
How to Prevent Lippage When Laying Tile: If you have trouble with lippage you may wonder how it happened. The stone floor lippage can happen when the floor is installed in your home. If the floor installation technician does not take their time and use the proper tools to do the installation it can lead to lippage. You could also end up with lippage if the substrate or sub floor is not level when the installation begins. So to prevent it, hire licensed contractors to be sure your tile floor is installed properly.
Tile Lippage Tolerance & Credit Card Test: The end result can be as thick as a coin to a credit card or as small as a piece of paper. Any level of unevenness can be annoying and you would want to have it repaired. You can test for lippage by running a credit card across the tile and see if it catches.
How To Fix & Repair Stone Floor Lippage: You don’t want to have to pay to have your floors replaced if you have stone tiles that are not level. The gaps from one tile to the next can be hazardous and could cause a person to trip and fall or could cause an injury. Another problem occurs when you try and sweep and mop your floors. The dirt will get stuck in the grooves where the tile is not smooth and that will leave them dirty and worse; susceptible to mold. If you want to stop this from happening you can have your floors treated for the lippage. A stone tile restoration company can come out and assess the amount of lippage and what can be done to repair it. The restoration can use their tools and equipment to smooth out the stone tiles and make them look better.

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