Marble Maintenance in Paradise, NV; Stain Prevention, Spot Cleaning, Professional Restoration & More

One of the most popular choices for homeowners and business owners when constructing their home and office is marble. It is a beautiful option for many floors and surfaces. Marble is actually a limestone that has combined with elements in nature and changed into a new material. This makes for a really nice vein of colors that can run through the stone and make all sorts of unique patterns. Unfortunately though, marble is a rather soft material that can easily be stained and dulled so being able to take care of your marble is important to keep it looking new all the time. Silver State Floor Restoration has provided this quick guide to marble maintenance to assist you.

Preventative Marble Care

Making sure that you don’t have things with sharp edges sliding or sitting on the surface of the marble is a good way to keep gouges out of the stone. As it is such a soft stone, it can be nicked and chipped easily. One way is to add soft pads under the feet of kitchen chairs and stools. Also using coasters when setting down drinks can stop glass and plastic drinks from scratching the counter top.

Marble Stain Prevention

The best way to make sure that your marble does not stain is to make sure that you clean up spills as they happen. Any liquid that is spilled on the marble can start to soak into the stone quickly and can lead to hard to clean stains. This also goes for flooring. Sweeping up messes that can potentially stain the floor is just as important as spilled liquids.

Spot Cleaning Marble

Knowing the best way to clean spots can keep your marble counters and floors looking their best. Making sure that you have a good soft cloth to use is the main thing. You need a soft cloth so that you don’t scratch the surface when cleaning your marble. Wet the soft cloth with warm water and be sure to use a circular motion to help prevent scratches and scrapes. You also don’t want to use too much pressure if not necessary. You may however have to allow some extra pressure on areas that have a stain and need a little extra attention.

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The best way of all to keep your marble floors and counters looking their best is to have a good cleaning and restoration company like Silver State Floor Restoration come out and take care of tough stains and routine maintenance and cleaning. We can help clean and restore your marble surfaces throughout your entire home or office. Call us today to schedule your appointment, no matter what natural stone or tile surfaces you have.

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