Marble Stain Removal in Spring Valley, NV; Removing Coffee, Oil, Juice, Rust & Other Stains

No matter what type of stone you choose to have in your house you want to make sure you have a plan on how to clean them. There are stone options that exist that will fit with any homes décor. You can choose a light common travertine stone or a sleek and beautiful granite stone. There are other stones you can choose and you want to make sure you know about the stone you choose. There are some that are more porous and are prone to be damaged. There are others that are great at standing up against moisture. A common stone that is chosen for kitchens, backsplashes, counters and even bathrooms is marble. You can get marble in a wide variety of colors from your light neutral colors to dark and very dramatic marble. There are some common stains that people will have to clean off their marble stone. Silver State Floor Restoration offers tips for how to clean stains from your marble stone surfaces.

How to Remove Coffee Stains from Marble

One of the most common stains that a homeowner will have to deal with on their counters is coffee stains. Most people love to get up in the morning and have a cup of coffee and take a little time for themselves. The coffee is great in a mug but many times it can be spilled, dripped of the dreaded coffee ring left on the surface. You want to take a coffee stain serious because it can stain your stone and the acid in the coffee can even cause some damage. You want to do what you can to prevent a coffee stain. If you are left with a stain it is imperative that you clean it up right away. Use a cloth that is soft and absorbent to clear the liquid from the stone. You can wash away with an approved and acid free cleaner to try and remove any discoloration. Lastly be sure that your stone is always sealed to help prevent staining.

How to Clean Marble Juice Stains

If you are not sitting down to a quiet cup of coffee it could be the fact that you have small kids that are asking for their breakfast and of course a cup of juice. Fruit juice is something that is a common staple in homes that have children. It is a good drink option when they want a special treat. The fruit juice can end up being harmful to your stone counters because they tend to be high in acid. The acid can eat through the stone and cause some damage. You want to clean the liquid with a cloth and follow up with a damp cloth.

Marble Oil Stain Remover

Another problem that you might have on your marble counters are oily substances. The oils can come from food and beauty products. If you have oil on the surface you want to clean it off with a clean cloth and a mild soap. Then you can follow up with a moist cloth to remove any soap that will otherwise build up.

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Rust stains are one of the most difficult to remove from marble but don’t fear. Silver State Floor Restoration can come out to your home and treat and clean your marble stone. Call us today!

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