How to Choose the Right Grout Color & Type for Your Tile Flooring in Summerlin, NV

Tile flooring is one of the most durable choices for your home or business. With literally thousands of choices in design, color and shape, the possibilities are endless. Not only do you need to choose the type of tile you are going to want for your home, but the grout is something you will have to choose as well. There are several different kinds of grouts to choose from, and it is important that you choose the right one. Silver State Floor Restoration is here to talk about the different aspects of grout you should consider as you choose the right one for your floors.

Types of Grout

Did you know that there are different types of grout to choose from for your tile flooring? Many people don’t realize that there are more than one option when you are choosing grout. We aren’t talking about the color of your grout either. There are actually grouts that are made up of different compounds and each of them serve a particular purpose. Following are the types of grout you will have to choose from.
Unsanded Grout: If you are installing wall tiles that have grout lines less that 1/8 inch wide, you will choose an unsanded grout or a grout that doesn’t contain sand.
Finely Sanded Grout: For floor tiles that will have a grout line that is between 1/8 in and 3/8 inch wide, finely sanded grout is the best choice.
Quarry-type Grout: This grout is made up of sand that is much coarser than others. It is a the grout that would be used if your grout lines exceed 3/8 inch wide.
Epoxy Grout: If you are looking for a grout that will be completely protected against staining, epoxy grout is the way to go. It is one of the strongest grouts you can choose also.

Choosing the Right Grout Color for Your Tile

Now that you have chosen the right type of grout for your tile flooring, you need to choose the right color as well. When you are thinking about the grout color, choose one that will compliment your tiles. You may choose one of the accent colors found in your tile, or choose one that is similar in color to your tile to help the grout lines blend in more. If you are looking to make certain colors pop from the tile, you can choose a grout color that will help make that happen. For those that are looking to make the pattern in which the tile is laid down pop, choosing a darker grout color will do that. You should remember that lighter grout colors will show stains much more than darker ones will.

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No matter what grout you choose for your flooring, it is important that your floors are professionally cleaned and sealed to properly maintain them. Silver State Floor Restoration has the training and expertise to keep your tile flooring looking like new. Call us today!

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