Why Deep Clean Grout Before Sealer Application in Sunrise Manor, NV; Tile Cleaning, Sealing & More

Caring for most tile and grout flooring is relatively simple. Depending on the natural stone or manmade selections in your Las Vegas Valley home, dictates the overall care and maintenance. However, generally, tile needs to be routinely swept, preferably daily, spot cleaned as needed, and optimally, washed and sanitized weekly. Professional care usually requires once a year deep cleaning, or more so for high-traffic areas, and sealant applications annually, or as needed; some require polishing and honing services as well. Today, we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to elaborate on why you need to deep clean the tile and grout prior to sealant applications.

Tile & Grout Sealer Application; What are Sealants?

What are sealants? Sealers are barriers that protect the grout and tile. It will repel liquids, soil, debris, germs, bacteria, and prevent mold and mildew. Grout is very porous. In basic terms, it is a mixture of sand and cement and without sealers, the porous nature absorbs water, bacteria, and other substances creating stains and other blemishes. Sealants correctly maintained, helps prolong the health, look, texture, and consistency of your grout as it protects the grout and tile from stains, mild, mildew, and other threats, keeping your floor looking better for longer. Unless you have epoxy grout in place, which is a more expensive option that is made from other ingredients, your tile and grout needs to be sealed regularly.

How Often to Seal a Tile & Grout Floor?

Generally, tile and grout flooring should be sealed once a year, however, it may need to be done more often. Over time, foot traffic, and depending on your cleaning habits dictates how often you need fresh sealant applications. If you have a habit of cleaning with harsh chemicals or abrasive tools, the sealers will dissipate faster. Heavier foot traffic that causes excessive friction can also contribute to the sealers wearing away faster.

How to Test Tile & Grout Sealer

You can test the sealants integrity with a simple test. Take an ounce or two of water and pour into different areas including spots where there is both tile and grout. If after a few moments it has done nothing more than beaded up on the surface, the sealants are still adequate. Should the water absorb into the grout/tile, a ring of water will be found as they absorbed into tile and grout. This is a sign the sealants are no longer sufficient, and your tile and grout floor are vulnerable to stains, mold and mildew growth among other damage.

Why Do Tiled Floors Need a Deep Clean Before Sealer is Applied?

As mentioned, sealants provide a barrier for substances to penetrate past the surface. If you apply sealers on dirt floors, any dirt, debris, and even moisture become trapped beneath the sealant. Stains, filth and other eye sores will be in place throughout the duration of the sealants and become tougher to remove later. To ensure maximum results, clean and optimal conditions for your tile and grout floor, invest in a professional deep cleaning service, followed by a comprehensive sealing application.

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