Preventing Damage to Natural Stone Floors in North Las Vegas, NV; Cleaning Removes Dust & More

No matter what kind of flooring in your home, it is important to care for it. The reason is that having your floors replaced is a process that will take time as well as uproot your home. You have to remove all your belongings out of the house so that the entire floor is open. The area has to be cleared so the old floor can be removed and the new floor can be installed. If you choose to care for your floors properly they will last an appropriate amount of time and you can go for quite a while without needing to replace them. When you have carpeting, it has to be vacuumed and cleaned professionally. When you have hardwood floors you have to have them sealed, cleaned and also resurfaced occasionally. Natural stone floors are their own type of flooring that need special attention. Stone floors are highly sought after for a beautiful and natural finish to any room. You can choose from several types of stone and then within that stone you can get color combinations to fit your home. The stones all have different levels of hardness as well as porousness. These all need to be taken into account when deciding what type is best for your home. It all depends on the type of activity and traffic that you expect to have in your house. There are some common things that can cause damage to the stone floors that you want to be careful about.

Silver State Floor Restoration Lists Ways Your Stone Floors Could Get Damaged

Dirt & Dust Damages Natural Stone Floors: This may seem silly but allowing dirt and dust to be left on your stone floors can cause them to become damaged. One is that the floors will look dingy and dirty when there is dirt on them so that is a reason to ensure they are kept clean. The other problem is that the dirt acts like an abrasive on the stone. This is especially damaging to a stone that may be a bit softer. The dirt will get on shoes, socks and feet and as you walk around, the dirt acts like sandpaper causing scratches to the floor. This will wear down any sealing that was on them then start to take down the actual stone. You will need to have your floor resurfaced or refinished if they get worn. You can prevent this by sweeping and mopping the floors on a regular basis.
Natural Stone Reaction to Acid: Obviously if you went to the store and bought some aggressive acid and dumped it on the floors it would cause damage. The problem is that you have acids in your home that are not as aggressive but still enough to cause damage to your stone floors. The acids that you might come across in your home are lemon juice, drinks and food that are heavy in acidic components. If they are spilled on your floor it is important to clean them off as soon as possible. They can start to eat away at and erode your stone floors. This may lead to needing to replace full pieces of tile.

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