Types of Natural Stone & Finishes Used in Henderson, NV Homes from Flagstone to Travertine

There are a number of natural stones that can be used for flooring, countertops, backsplashes, and bathroom flashing. With so many decisions on the types of material, many will base their choice on looks alone. As such, they don’t know what kind of stone they installed in their home or what kind of finish they have. When it comes to the care of stone, it is important to know what stone and what finish you have. Silver State Floor Restoration will list the different types of stone found in homes and the different kinds of finishes they can have.

Types of Natural Stone

Flagstone – Flagstone is rarely found inside homes. They are most commonly used outdoors. They can be seen in garages, driveways, porches, or patios. Flagstone is a sedimentary rock which is cut into two layers. Flagstone is one of the old types of stone used for human structures and can be found in ancient castles.
Granite – Granite is known for its durability and scratch resistant surface. Granite is so durable that it is often used as flooring in homes and commercial buildings. Additionally, granite comes in hundreds of color and pattern variations, giving the homeowner more choices.
Limestone – Limestone has a very earthly, natural appearance. For homes who want more of a rustic or modern earth tone feel, limestone is a common choice.
Manufactured Stone – Manufactured, or better known as agglomerate stone, is made from chipped pieces of natural stone combined with a cement, epoxy, or polyester resin. Agglomerate stone gives the natural look of real stone and comes at half the cost.
Marble – Marble stone has a beautiful appearance. With the classic veins and color of marble it is one of the most desired types of stone. However, it also requires the most care. Marble is easily scratched and needs to be polished and sealed far more frequently than other natural stones.
Sandstone – Sandstone is mostly composed of sand grain sized quarts and has a rough texture. Sandstone comes in many different colors and textures which help make it a more interesting type of material used in homes.
Slate – Slate is a great water resistant stone that is a combination of quartz and shale. Slate stone is used for floors and in bathrooms due to its water resistance quality.
Travertine – Travertine is a soft stone that has the similar density of marble, but has a textured surface. In most cases travertine is polished then sealed to fill in the cracks.

Types of Natural Stone Finishes

Polished – One of the most common finishes used for stone is polish. Polish gives the stones a smooth and shinny appearance.
Honed – Honed is when the stone is smooth but doesn’t go through the last stages of polishing. Honed is much easier to maintain and can be used on most stones.
Acid Washed – Acid washes maintain the natural texture of stone but help to smooth out the rough edges of the stone. Not as common as other finishes, acid wash is best used for a rustic appearance.

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There are a number of methods used to create and protect natural stone. When it comes to caring for them, it is best to use a professional. Silver State Floor Restoration can help clean and protect your home’s natural stone. Contact Silver State Floor Restoration today.

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