Pros & Cons of Cleaning & Sealing Natural Limestone Flooring Tile & Grout in North Las Vegas, NV

Every type of flooring requires a specific kind of care to stay looking nice and clean. If you grew up with carpet in your house you probably know that vacuuming it is the best way to take care of it. If you had porcelain tile in your home you know to clean it to keep the tile and grout clean. Do you know how to take care of the flooring in your current home? If you have limestone flooring the answer to this may be no. We have many clients who do not know how to take care of their limestone flooring properly that call and ask us for some help. Today Silver State Floor Restoration want to share with you some tips on how to effectively take care of your limestone flooring.

What is Limestone Flooring?

Let’s start by talking about what exactly limestone flooring is. Limestone is a very beautiful natural stone. One of the reasons that homeowners choose limestone flooring is that it is extremely durable and very long lasting. If you do not properly care for limestone it can become worn and scratched. No one wants to have flooring that does not look its best.

Seal Limestone Flooring

One of the easiest things you can do is seal your limestone. Limestone is a porous material. When things spill it can seep into the limestone. When you seal your limestone you are putting a protective layer on the top of your limestone. Then when things spill on your floor it beads up so that you can clean it up nicely. If your flooring is not sealed or your sealing needs to be redone you will notice that spills start to soak in to your flooring. Silver State Floor Restoration offers sealing services to help you complete this important step.

Clean Spills on Limestone Floors Right Away

With any flooring you will want to make sure that you clean up spills as soon as you see them. Sometimes we see the spill actually happen and simply do not make time to clean it up. Other times we do not see the spill until it has had time to set into our flooring. It is important to teach your children to come and tell you if they spill something so that you can clean it up properly.

Sweep & Vacuum Limestone Floors

This also goes for debris or dust that is on your floor. Since limestone is porous dust and debris particles will eventually work their way down into the stone if they are left there long enough. Sweeping and vacuuming your floor on a regular basis will prevent that from happening.

Limestone Floor Cleaner

A common mistake that many people make with their limestone flooring is using the wrong kind of cleaning solution and tools. If you use the wrong cleaner or tools it can damage the surface of your beautiful stone flooring. Make sure that you purchase a limestone cleaner and use soft cloths on your limestone to keep it looking beautiful.

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If you take time to do the steps above your limestone flooring should stay looking nice. Sometimes your flooring will need to be resealed or restored. If you need these services provided for your limestone flooring Silver State Floor Restoration is here to help. Give us as call today to schedule your appointment.

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