Is it Necessary to Seal Tile & Grout? Sealant Test, Penetrating Sealer & More in Mountain’s Edge, NV

At the time of installation, the tile and grout should be sealed, however, it is often overlooked, especially with DIY projects. Not only necessary at the time of installation, but the tile and grout need to be routinely sealed with fresh coats periodically. Usually, the tile and grout should be sealed at least once a year, however, in areas where the tile and grout experiences a lot of use or foot-traffic, or is improperly cleaned with harsh chemicals, the sealants dissipate faster and you will need to apply sealant more often. There is a quick test to see if the sealant is intact or if you need fresh sealant. Today, we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to share the importance of sealing your tile and grout surfaces.

Tile & Grout Sealant Test

Simply, drop several drops on the tile and grout and wait a few moments. If the water beads and remains on the surface, the sealant is adequate, however, if the water absorbs and leaves behind water spots behind, it indicates the sealant has worn away, and you need a fresh application. Should your tile and grout require a fresh sealant treatment, ensure the floors are deeply cleaned first and is fully dry, otherwise, you will trap the dirt, debris, and moisture below the sealant, which makes it look dull and dingy, and trapping moisture can cause moisture-related damage.

What Does Penetrating Tile & Grout Sealant Do?

Sealants are designed to safeguard the tile and grout. They are a barrier that helps the otherwise porous material absorb the soil, contaminates, particulates, and moisture from seeping. Sealants keep the tile and especially grout, cleaner and able to resist staining. In addition to assisting the aesthetics of the tile and grout, the sealing will also help prevent damage that would otherwise occur from the impacts of moisture and debris accelerating the deterioration among other affects. Grout lines absorbing water can be quite obvious and others, more subtle. When the appearance of the grout lines deteriorates and becomes pitted over time, the least obvious problem occurs. A more obvious issue occurs when the grout is stained from the bacteria growth. From hard water deposits, soap scum, and normal layers of dust, as well as other substances, all build up in the grout and any scratches, cracks and other fissures in the tile. These slow chemical changes in the structure of the grout, resulting in the minerals that compose the grout structure dissolve away. The natural alkalinity of the grout also reduces, allowing bacteria to survive and reproduce on the surface. Additionally, the water will expand and contract with changing temperatures, leading to movement of the drywall backer as well as a drywall crumbling away. The grout cracks and the structural decline is expedited.

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All in all, the sealants are important to prevent discoloring and staining, hinder bacteria, mold and mildew growth, and reduce the natural deterioration of the grout and tile through time and use. If you believe your sealants are not sufficient, contact Silver State Floor Restoration and let our specialists perform a comprehensive deep cleaning and follow with a sealant treatment to leave your tile and grout beautiful, bright, and better protected. Contact us today!

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