How to Clean & Seal Slate Floors in Inspirada, NV; Dust Mop, Cleaner & Professional Restoration

Slate is an excellent material that is often used for flooring in many homes and commercial settings. Slate is a great looking natural stone that is durable. However, it does require proper cleaning methods and should be sealed to protect the stone from stain and erosion. Silver State Floor Restoration will share how to properly maintain your slate stone floors.

Slate Floor Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance for slate floors, there are two important aspects in keeping them dirt free and to maintain the sealer. Loose dirt and smaller particles can scratch the surface of the slate, similar to that of sandpaper. The dirt can also wear down the sealer much faster. Without the sealer, the dirt can get trapped into the pores of the stone. This can lead to erosion as well as very dirty looking floors.

Dust Mop for Slate Floors

The basic cleaning maintenance for slate floors start with regular dust mopping. A dust mop uses soft padding materials to remove the dirt off of the slate floor. Another alternative is to use a vacuum with a tile floor attachment head to remove the dirt and debris. When using a dust mop, go up and down in a single direction as to not damage the floor. It is recommended to dust mop slate floors daily if possible or at the very minimum, once a week.

Slate Floor Cleaner

To keep the floor clean, only use plain water or a cleaner recommended for stone floors. However, in most cases, water is all that is needed to keep the floors clean. Never oversoak the floor when mopping either. Only lightly dampen the mop when cleaning slate floors. If stubborn stains are on the floor, use a mild detergent diluted in water and with a sponge, clean the stain. It is recommended with any natural stone floor that you clean spills as they occur. By regularly cleaning up after spills you can better maintain a slate floor. By keeping it clean, you prevent premature wear of the seal and stone.

Slate Floor Sealer

About every five years the slate floors should be resealed as the sealer does wear down over time. To prepare slate floors for resealing, the first step is to completely remove the original sealer. Slate floors usually use a wax sealer, a urethane based sealer, or an acrylic based sealer. Use the correct sealer remover or stripper and remove the slate sealer. Once the sealer has been removed, clean the surface of the slate before applying the new sealer. When choosing which sealer to use, consider the amount of foot traffic the room or area that has the slate flooring gets. Basically, there are two major types of sealer: one is a penetrating sealer and the other is a barrier sealer. The barrier sealer applies a topical sealer that only protects the surface of the stone. A penetrating sealer goes deep within the stone. The penetrating sealer is often used to protect the stone from high foot traffic areas. Once you decide on the sealer, apply it according to manufacturer’s directions.

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