Pros of Natural Slate Bathroom Floors in Eldorado, NV; Absorbs Water, Easy Maintenance & More

When you are choosing the right type of flooring to have in your house you want to consider all the options. There is of course carpet, hardwood, laminate and one of the best; natural stone. Natural stone comes in a variety of types and they each have their own unique character and benefits. The stone that you have in your house will need to be maintained and cleaned properly. This is so that they are able to last and look their very best. You want to make sure you know what is type of stone is best for certain rooms and why. When you have stone in your bathroom you may think that they are all from nature so you can’t go wrong. The fact is that there are some stone flooring options that are better in a bathroom and for good reason. Silver State Floor Restoration outlines what you need to know about having slate in your bathroom.

Does Slate Absorb Water?

When you have stone in your bathroom you need to think about the room and the particulars. One aspect of a bathroom is that it will be wet and moisture is almost a constant in the space. You need to have a stone that is able to withstand the water and moisture. That is why slate is a great option. When it comes to how much water stone can absorb slate is rated the lowest even when put up against marble. Slate is a stone that has a low absorbency level and will only allow less than a half a percent of moisture. This is a great way to keep your home protected from potential mold and mildew as well as damage. You can rest easy when your toddler is splashing around in the tub that you will have time to clean it up before it is able to make any way through the tile.

Are Slate Floors Durable in Bathrooms?

When it comes to stone there are some that are a little more brittle and not as strong. That means that it can and will break, chip and eat away during many normal use. You want to have a stone that is able to hold up the best and slate is the stone for the job. It is very durable and quite strong. The reason that it is able to stand up against some pressure is that the stone is not as heavy as other stones. That means that the pressure that it already has on itself is less and that allows it to last longer. You want to make sure that you have a stone that will be able to last.

Slate Floor Maintenance

The great thing about choosing a slate floor is that you can rest easy about the maintenance. The stone can be cleaned at home on a regular basis to keep soap scum and messes to sit on the tile. You also want to use a professional service that will come out occasionally to clean the stone, seal it and polish it making it much easier to keep up with.

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