Sealing Unglazed Porcelain Tile in Centennial, NV; Penetrating Sealer Prevents Moisture Absorption & More

Tile is found in just about every home. Tile is used for floors and walls in bathrooms, kitchens and in the laundry room. Some home owners will use tile floor throughout most of their home. Tile is so popular as it is an easy material to clean and it can last a very long tile. However, tile does even better when sealed, particularly unglazed porcelain tile. Silver State Floor Restoration will go into more detail about unglazed porcelain tile and why it needs to be sealed.

Glazed VS Unglazed Porcelain Tile

When it comes to tile it is important to know what type of tile you have in your home. There are three major tile types: natural stone tile, ceramic tile, and porcelain tile. When it comes to porcelain tile you can find two types of porcelain tile. There is a glazed and unglazed porcelain tile. For those with a glazed porcelain tile you really only need to seal the grout line and not the tile itself. Glazed porcelain tile essentially has a protective coat that cannot be penetrated. For those with glazed porcelain tile, focus on maintaining a grout sealant. However, those with unglazed porcelain tile will greatly benefit from a sealer. Unglazed tile also comes in two varieties one is polished and the other is unpolished. Both polished and unpolished tile will absorb moisture. Many people will confuse polished unglazed porcelain tile with a glazed porcelain and will not take the time to seal them. However, unglazed polished tile does still absorb moisture.

Sealing Porcelain Tile Prevents Moisture Absorption

Unglazed porcelain tile is absorbent which means they are prone to stains and even odors. When pets have their accidents on the tile, the urine can be absorbed into the tile causing long lasting odors. When spills fall on unglazed porcelain tile, the liquid can leave behind a stain, especially in lighter colored tile. To help prevent stains or odors from occurring on unglazed porcelain a sealer should be used. When sealing unglazed porcelain tile, you can prevent moisture from absorbing into the tile. This will stop the stains and odors as well as bacteria. Unglazed porcelain tile is prone to mold, mildew and bacteria which creates a rather unhealthy environment. Additionally, unglazed porcelain often has a rough or grainy texture which allows dirt to get trapped in the tile. By sealing the tile, it smooths out the surface which helps keep the dirt from building up on the tile.

Penetrating Sealer for Unglazed Porcelain Tile

When making the decision to seal your unglazed porcelain tile, you will need to choose a sealer. There are a few different types of sealer used for tile. However, professionals recommend using a penetrating sealer for unglazed porcelain tile. A penetrating sealer seeps into the tile protecting the tile from within and not just on the outside. As unglazed porcelain tile can easily absorb liquids, a penetrating sealer is a great candidate for this type of tile. Sealing tile correctly can be tricky as the tile will need to be deep cleaned before it can be sealed. Along with sealing the tile, seal the grout line as they too greatly benefit from a sealer.

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