Should Grout Be Lighter or Darker than Floor Tile in Aliante, NV? Pattern, Location, Grout Joint Size & More

When tile, pattern and size is chosen for your tile floor, there is often an element that is forgotten in all of it, the grout. Many people don’t realize the impact that the grout lines and color can have on the design of your flooring. It has can make a big enough difference that anytime you are putting in a tile floor, you should consider the grout almost as much as you consider what tile you will use. Silver State Floor Restoration is here to talk about some of the considerations that should be taken when choosing the right grout for a tile floor.

Grout Factors That Can Affect the Appearance of Tile

Before you have your flooring installed, consider these factors can that make a big difference in how your tile flooring looks.
– Tile Patterns: If you have chosen a patterned tile, you may want to choose a thinner grout line that will keep the tile as the focal point rather than the grout. If you have chosen a specific pattern that you would like your tile laid out in, your grout can also help to define that pattern by choosing a bolder grout line that contrasts the tile altogether.
– Tile Location: Where you are putting your tile can help you decide what type of grout and grout line you want for your floor as well. If you are putting the tile in a large space, choosing a grout line that stands out can be too overwhelming. You may want to stay with a neutral grout line that offers a more traditional look. If you are putting the tile in a small space, consider choosing a monochromatic grout color that blends in with the tile and makes the space feel larger than it actually is.
– Surrounding Décor: Of course, you don’t want to only focus on the tile and grout line. You should also think about the surrounding décor in the space as well. You want to choose a grout that will complement the design of your home.
– Grout Joint Size: There is no one size fits all when it comes to the size of the grout joints. You need to refer to the tile manufacturer for their recommendation for the grout size. Sticking to this recommendation will give your tile its best shot as longevity as the grout size is determined by tile manufacturer themselves.

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Whether you choose a contrasting grout color, monochromatic color or a neutral color for your tile floor, it is important that you care for it properly to extend the life of your tile floor. With grout being so porous, it can get damaged easily when it isn’t sealed to protect it from staining and other damaging debris. At Silver State Floor Restoration, we offer tile and grout cleaning as well as sealing services to help you protect your tile flooring. Call us today!

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