Should Grout Be Sealed After Cleaning & Coloring? Can I Have My Tile Grout Cleaned, Colored & Sealed in Summerlin, Las Vegas NV?

When you have your new stone tile or porcelain tile floors installed at your home, part of the process is to have the tile grouted. This is when a filler is added to the lines in between each tile piece to help to secure the tile and to seal the sub floor from getting any damage. The grout is colored and many times people choose a very light color or even white. The grout will look amazing when installed but it is usually very short lived. The moment that you start to clean your floors or anything spills on it, you are going to notice that the color will start to look dingy and dirty. The grout is usually not level with the tile and therefore acts like a channel for the dirty water or spill. As that dirty water sits, the grout will stain and change color. That can start to look bad and change the entire look of the tile floors. There are ways to ensure that your grout looks good and is the color that you want it to be. It can be difficult to clean the tile and seal it yourself because of the time that it takes and the fact that it is on the floor. Many people have to sit on the floor and do one section at a time. Luckily, there is a much better way! Hire a professional to come out and take care of cleaning, coloring and sealing your grout.

Silver State Floor Restoration offers full service grout cleaning, coloring and sealing and what they do to protect your grout.

A Professional Tile Cleaner Can Clean The Grout: The best way to ensure that your tile is clean is to hire a professional like Silver State Floor Restoration that can come out and clean it for you. We have specialized tools and cleaners that can clean the area much faster than you could on your own. Silver State Floor Restoration is able to remove any dirt and stains from the grout and color it any shade you desire.
You Can Have Your Grout Lines Colored: This is a great way to change the look of a room and the look of the tile itself. You may have chosen a color grout that you are no longer are happy with. If this is the case you can hire a professional to come out and add a color to the grout to change it to a color that fits the room better and a color that collects less staining.
Should Grout Be Sealed After Cleaning?: Yes! The more spills, liquid and debris that is left on the grout, the more that it is going to be broken down. If the grout has these items soaked in it can start to cause damage to the grout itself. The best way to keep the grout from being damaged is to have the grout lines sealed. The sealant can help to protect the grout from spills and damage and make it easier to clean.

Silver State Floor Restoration offers full service grout cleaning, coloring and sealing in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada.

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