The Original Finish Won’t Last! Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) Floor Cleaning, Care & Maintenance Tips in Henderson, NV

VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) is commonly used in schools, medical buildings, stores and restaurants. Even though this is a clean and cheap floor to install, regular maintenance is important to keep the floors in good condition. If VCT floors are neglected, permanent damages can occur and eventually you will need to replace the entire flooring. When it comes to VCT floors there are a few basic maintenance principles that must be followed to keep the flooring in good condition. Silver State Floor Restoration will explain the importance of proper VCT floor maintenance and care.

VCT Floor Finish During Installation

VCT floors require a wax coating to protect it from physical and elemental damages. When the manufacture first creates the floor, they put a thin layer of wax on each tile to protect it. However this thin coat of wax is not meant for long term use. In fact, its only purpose is to protect each tile from abrasions during shipping and installation. After the VCT flooring is installed you must apply at least two coats of wax to keep it in good condition. Allow the wax to dry for 24 hours before moving or placing furniture on it.

How to Know When Its Time to Apply Wax to VCT Flooring

Stripping and re-waxing VCT flooring will helps keep it protected from general activity. However this won’t protect the floor from everything. Constant activity from office chairs, and harsh furniture will wear the wax down fairly quickly. Nicks and scratches also appear from heavy furniture as well. That is why it is important to have a chair mat or rug under frequently used furniture, especially office chairs.High traffic areas will need more far attention than other areas where there is VCT flooring. Footwear, such as high heels and boots, can really beat down on the protective wax layer. As the wax wears down, you will need to re-wax the floors. Once the glossy shine begins to dull, it is time to re-wax the floor. Buildings like hospitals and schools, where there is a lot of high traffic, will need their floors re-waxed at least twice a year to keep a good protective layer on the floor.

VCT Floor Wax Products

When it is time to re-wax VCT flooring, make sure you know your waxes. Not all wax is created equal. You will find each will have their own dry time. Depending on the time of year, the humidity and thickness of the wax, adjustments to the dry time should be made. You never want to rush the drying process of the wax. So know how long your brand of wax will take to dry.

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Make sure to use a good cleaning company to clean and maintain the floor. Sometimes the cheapest bidder isn’t the most experienced one. Poor cleaning and maintenance techniques from an inexperienced crew can cause more damage than good. It is important when you are searching for a good cleaning crew that they have VCT floor experience. Silver State Floor Restoration has vast experience with VCT flooring and its care. We can strip and re-wax VCT flooring properly and help keep it protected. If your commercial building is in need of some maintenance and care, contact Silver State Floor Restoration today.

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