Prevent Hardwood Flooring Damage When Moving Heavy Furniture in Las Vegas, NV; Clean First to Avoid Scratching & More

Hardwood floors add beauty to any home and heavy objects can damage it. Avoid damage when moving furniture by lifting rather than sliding. This becomes hard when it’s heavy but there are ways to make it easier.

Save your Hardwood from Damage When Moving Furniture

1. Lighten the load if you can. If possible, make the item being moved as light as possible. If it’s a dresser, remove the drawers. If it’s a fridge, then empty it. Items that have a mirror attached, should have it removed to not only make it lighter, but prevent any possible damage to it. Removing drawers will also prevent any damage to you or the floor when they slide out.
2. Make it clean. If you’re just rearranging the room, make sure it’s clean before you start. Tiny pieces or dirt or gravel can scratch the hardwood when the furniture is slid across the floor. Sweep the floor and use a mop before you starting moving things.
3. Make the surface soft. This doesn’t take a lot of smarts to figure out. Always place something soft between the floor and the piece you’re moving to protect the floor. You can use blankets, towels, small area rugs or pieces of old carpet with the fuzzy side down. You can even grab some moving sliders at many stores. Old pieces of carpet and rugs should be given a shake outside before using them as there might be dirt or other debris in them.
4. Flip the object you’re moving. If the object isn’t too big or heavy, you can place it in its side or back before attempting to move it. Put it on something soft to slide it. This will also add more protection to the floor and will also distribute the weight. Get help when you’re ready to flip it back up to prevent damage to the legs or corners of it.
5. Buy some gliders. These are handy and come in all shapes and sizes. You can reuse them and they will come in handy if you like to rearrange furniture often.
6. Refrigerator tip. Refrigerators are very heavy and are well known to scratch hardwood floors. When you need to move a fridge, make sure you use two pieces or hardboard just in front of where the back wheels will be when it will sit in its final position. Remove the boards by carefully leaning it backwards.
7. Pay attention to wheels. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that an item with wheels won’t cause any damage. It’s a good idea to put a piece of ¼” thick hard board on the floor and roll the wheels over it.
8. Using a dolly. Dollies can make moving easy, but there are some that can be bad for hardwood floors. Use dollies with inflatable rubber wheels, not hard rubber wheels as the hard rubber wheels along with the heavy object can damage your hardwood.

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