Polished VS Honed Marble or Natural Stone Tile Flooring, Shower, Countertops, Backsplashes & More in Henderson, NV

Having marble floors installed in your home can be an expensive investment. Marble flooring can add a sense of grace and class to your humble home. The look of your marble floors can drastically change the look and mood of a room. Once installed, do you want your marble floors polished or honed? Each has their own personality and appearance. If you’re unsure as to which one you may want applied to your floors, Silver State Floor Restoration will share with you the difference and see which one you prefer in your home.

Honed Marble Tile Floors, Showers, Countertops & Backsplashes

Honed marble floors lack that shiny reflective surface that polished marble has. It has more of a satin feel to it. Nonetheless, it is still smooth and some say it is velvety to the touch. A perk that honed marble floors have is that it is scratch resistant. Polish coating on marble has a tendency to get scratch marks on the surface. That is why if you want marble floors in high traffic areas, it is best to get honed for your floors verses polished. Honed floors are also less slippery if they get wet. Bathrooms and kitchen with marble floors are often honed for this purpose. Maintain and caring for marble floors is an ongoing effort. As soon as spills and other accidents occur, they need to be wiped away immediately. Never use regular soaps on honed marble floors as the soap seeps into the marble and darkens it. Instead use a mildly abrasive detergent safe for natural stone and marble, mixed with a little bleach.

Polished Marble Tile Floors & Other Surfaces

You will never make a mistake whether the marble is polished or not. Polished marble has a clear, shiny, and reflective surface. Polishing the marble brings out all the colors in the marble with a crisp clarity. The polish helps to protect the marble from spills much better than honed floors will. However the polish is a protective coat that is prone to scratches. The reflective nature of polished floors reveals all the nicks and scratches, especially when light hits it. It is suggested you not use polished marble floors in high traffic areas like living rooms, kitchens, and hallways. These areas are prone to accidents and wear far quicker on the polished surface. You will mostly see polished marble floors used in entryways, and visiting rooms. Typically polished marble is also used for counter top, bathroom walls, kitchen walls or wash boards. Polished marble is a little bit more resistant to spills and liquids. However you still want to wipe away any spills immediately. Avoid using any cleaning detergents with high levels of ammonia. Too much ammonia can damage the surface of the polish and eventually damage the marble. The best cleaning solution for polished marble is a mixture of water and bleach. You can use a soft bristle brush to clean those stubborn areas. Do not use a brush that will strip the polish coating.

Natural & Man Made Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing in Las Vegas Valley NV, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

So it comes down to where you will install your marble floor, and what kind of abuse it will take. Looks is also at the top of our list. Do you want shiny glossy floors, or satin flat coating floors? This will depend on taste but also look at the care required for long lasting marble floors. Marble is expensive and requires a lot of work. If you invest in marble flooring, make sure you take care of it. Silver State Floor Restoration will be here to help you care for your marble floor and all its needs. If you find you need extra help we will be there for you. Contact us for all your tile cleaning and maintenance needs.

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