Wood Grain Look Tile VS Hardwood Flooring in North Las Vegas, NV; Cost, Durability, Eco-Friendly, Installation & More

Hardwood flooring is natural and beautiful, but can be difficult to take care of and maintain. If you are looking for a flooring option that still has that same look, but isn’t so high maintenance, wood grain tiles might be just what you are looking for. Silver State Flooring Restoration is here to talk about the benefits of wood grain tile rather than hardwood flooring.

Wood Grain Tile Costs Less Than Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring, while beautiful, can cost a pretty penny. When you choose wood grain tiles, the tiles can be similar in cost to some kinds of hardwood. The savings will come when you are talking about installation. It doesn’t cost as much to install wood grain tile as it does hardwood flooring. You can also choose tiles that looks similar to exotic types of wood without paying the price you would for the real deal. If you are looking for an expensive look without the cost, wood grain tile is for you. Technology has made it so that you can hardly tell the difference between tiles and actual wood, mimicking knots and grains.

Pro; Wood Grain Tiles are Very Durable

Maintaining hardwood floors is difficult. They get scratches very easily, as well as cracks, warping, dents and chips that come from everyday use. Keeping your wood grain tiles clean is much easier than hardwood floors. You don’t have to worry about water damage and warping like you do with real wood. You should consider having your wood grain tiles sealed to avoid any spills and stains soaking into the grout.

Wood Look Tiles are More Eco-Friendly

Every year more than 20 million trees are cut down for hardwood flooring. When you choose tiles instead, you are choosing to leave those trees standing and still have the look of beautiful wood on your floors. It is better for the environment to choose tiles rather than hardwood.

Wood Grain Tile Installation

When you are considering hardwood flooring, there are some areas that you need to worry about how it will wear. If you are placing hardwood in the kitchen or bathroom, you worry that the flooring will warp when liquids are spilled. You don’t have to worry about any of that with wood grain tiles. No matter how much water gets spilled on the flooring, it will not warp or bend, but stay beautiful like the day it was installed. Because water can’t be absorbed into wood grain tiles, you also don’t need to worry about any mold issues.

Natural Stone & Manmade Tile Cleaning, Polishing & Sealing in Las Vegas Valley NV, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Whether you choose wood grain tiles or hardwood flooring, you need to maintain them. You should have your wood grain tiles professionally cleaned a couple times a year to ensure it wears well. Dirt and debris can slowly eat away at the grout if it isn’t removed properly. Silver State Floor Restoration offers tile and grout cleaning that will keep your wood grain tiles in the same condition as the day they were installed. Call us today!

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