What Does it Mean when Marble is Etched & How Do You Get a Ring Off a Countertop in Whitney Ranch, NV?

Marble is such a beautiful stone for you to have in your kitchen for your countertop. It really makes your kitchen look great. But what do you do when you get rings or etches on your countertop? They don’t just wipe off, so how do you get rid of them? Silver State Floor Restoration is here to help you know what you should do so your marble countertop stays looking nice.

What Does it Mean when Marble is Etched?

When you hear about etch marks what does that even mean? Etch marks look very close to watermarks or ring marks on your countertop. When etch marks happen it is actually a dulling of the marble. It is not discoloration or stains. It is changing the stone itself. That is why it looks lighter than the marble stone color and you can see it so well.

What Causes Etching on Marble?

Marble is beautiful in your home; the problem is that it happens to also be very delicate. Because it is so delicate it is very prone to etching. The reason why marble can get etches so easily is because it is made up of calcium carbonate. If you get acid on the stone the acid will start to eat away at the stone causing etch marks. So, if you get any lemon juices, tomato sauce, rust, ink, sodas, cooking oils, hand lotion, etc. on your countertop this can start to eat away at your marble causing etches. The marks can start to show in just seconds of contact with the counter. The longer you leave it there the more noticeable it will become.

Can Etch Marks Be Removed from Marble?

Now after reading that why would you ever want to get marble, especially as a countertop? The answer is because it is beautiful. The great thing is that there are things you can use to help keep your marble from getting etches and to stop them from getting worse. You first want to make sure you keep your countertops clean. You can do this with R-311 countertop cleaner, this is great for natural stones. Now to treat your etch marks you can use a marble refinishing kit. This is a do-it-yourself kit you just need to follow the instructions. When you are finished you can repeat if needed. If it still won’t work then call a professional.

How to Prevent Etching?

You should always try to reduce the amount of acid or other types of liquid from getting on your marble surface. Use coasters and cutting boards as much as possible. This will help limit the number of spills getting on your surface. When spills happen clean them up immediately. When etches happen use a marble refinishing kit and then call a professional if you still need help.

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Do you have etches on your marble countertop? Have you tried getting rid of them and now need help? Call a professional like Silver State Floor Restoration. We can come and help get your marble back to looking great again.

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